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Simple and rustic materials creating a warm and comfortable workplace.

Project Specs


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Located in Fuda Yishan Creative Park, Dacheng Design office makes full use of the high and open characteristics of the industrial plant and follows the design concept of interior architecture and the traditional residence culture to give the space new features and create a quiet and warm office space.

▼ 安静而温暖的办公空间,quiet and warm office space



Facing the street door, the reception desk is spacious and bright. The grey background wall and cement floor, the light colored ceramic bricks and wooden tables: the concise design style expresses the ultimate and minimalist design concept of Dacheng.

▼ 明亮的入口和前台,bright entrance and reception



As for the use of building materials, the plain calcium silicate board shows quiet body strength. While the designer’s friend had just transported a batch of sleepers from the United States and the sleepers happen to become the best material for laying the gallery. The ceramic bricks retained in the old office, as a kind of traditional building materials, are cleverly used as the wall partition, which not only forms an interesting dialogue with modern materials, but the hollow round holes inspire people’s desire to pry inward.

▼ 前台边的墙面采用圆孔陶砖,与内侧空间形成视觉联系,the wall beside the reception is composed of ceramic bricks with round holes, creating visual connection with the inner space

4-hollow brick_Dacheng

▼ 枕木铺设的桥廊,古朴而宁静,sleepers paved gallery, providing quiet and rustic feeling




The layout of the space has referred to the architectural features of the traditional residential courtyard style, which not only meets the office needs, but also creates a harmonious and beautiful living space.

▼ 平面图,plan

8-plan-first floor_Dacheng


The winding path leads to a secluded quiet place. Through a narrow gallery, people can enter the spacious and well-lighted office area. The employees pass the gallery when they get to work and leave the office. They will greet each other and show comity here to promote each other’s friendship. Between the gallery and the brick wall, a grey siding wall is added for segmentation. The siding wall is divided near the windows, and the entrance of the office area and the windows are paralleled and staggered, so as to not only achieve the quiet effect, but also ensure the introduction of natural light and wind. In addition, the windows at the entrance and the windows at the end of the open office area also form vertical lighting, to maximize the introduction of the natural light into the room.

▼ 廊桥尽头连接办公空间,通过灰色板墙分隔,两侧开口错位,gray siding wall separates the gallery and office space, openings on the two sides are staggered

3-gallery3_Dacheng     3-gallery4_Dacheng


The office area has clear moving lines. The independent office adopts the form of traditional residential slope roof, and the open office area expresses the image of the courtyard, while the steps form a transition between them. The three houses are built on the basis of the landform and are separated into 6 separate offices to meet the office needs of the directors and the executives. The horizontal windows of the office introduces natural light and adopts the scattered layout in such a way that avoids the dullness and boringness of single structure, and shows the rich and interesting flexible conversion between good order and diversity. 

▼ 三间坡顶办公房, 开放办公室与独立办公室间以台阶过度,three office volumes with slope roof, steps define the open working area and independent offices


▼ 错落的布局增强空间趣味性,scattered layout makes the space more interesting

5-office2_Dacheng     5-office3_Dacheng

▼ 门与玻璃墙面不平行,半透明的玻璃使光线更为柔和,the doors are not parallel to the glass wall, translucent glass soften the sunlight into the space

6-door_Dacheng     5-office4_Dacheng


Work and life, are never disconnected or separated from each other, but are two types of closely interdependent and complement life states. As they have far early understood this theory, the directors of Dacheng designed the office into a leisurely tea room; here, work is life and life is work. Whether it is to discuss the program or to have a tea chat, people can feel relaxed and comfortable as at home. While in the office “courtyard”, there are a lot of possibilities for ideological collisions, and the designers can communicate freely, express their creative thinking and have idea debates, but this will never affect the “friendly neighbor” colleague relationship.

▼ 充满生活气息的办公空间,a friendly and warm space for work and life

7-furniture_Dacheng     7-furniture2_Dacheng


Project Name: Dacheng Design Office.
Project Location: Fuzhou, Fujian.
Designer: Lin Kaixin, Zhu Linhai.
Design Company: Dacheng Design Consultant Co., Ltd.

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