Public Area of Port Apartment in Fuzhou By MAT Office

A free flow in the flexible space

Project Specs


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The project is located in a youth commune in Fuzhou, with a area of 480 square meters, used as the public area of the youth apartment above. The client requires to design a space which can facilitate the daily activities of management, guest, reading, working, salon, and fitness for the residents.



We completely abandon the fully enclosed rooms and the fully open large space mode, but choose to create a semi-enclosed flow space through a continuous curve wall. The semi-enclosed wall divides the area into two parts, an the curve creates several pocket-type space in both sides. The inner space is used for guest, game, salon and working; while the brighter outer area defined by the curve wall and the OSB board in the boundary, is used for management, reading and fitness.

▼前台及会客区,front desk and living spaces


▼连续的曲线墙面创造半围合流动空间,a semi-enclosed flow space through a continuous curve wall



▼工作区,working space



The white double-side punching steel panel is used as the material of the continuous curve wall, for its specific quality of transparency. The sunlight will also be filtered by the porous wall, blurring the boundaries of “inside” space and “outside” space. We also open a series of doors and windows on the curve wall, in order to create a free flow in the flexible space,; on the other hand, those openness also ensure the good sight for the management area, the front desk staff can see every place through the doors and windows.At the same time, those overlapping openness also bring a interesting spatial and visual experience.

▼双层白色冲孔钢板让墙体更加透明,the white double-side punching steel panel is used to make the curve wall transparent

▼曲面墙开窗,window on the wall

▼灵活穿梭的自由空间,freely move in the space




设计单位:MAT Office(北京超级建筑设计咨询有限公司)

Project Info:
Project: Public Area of Port Apartment in Fuzhou
Client: Fuzhou Port Apartment
Location: No.95 Taiyu Road, Cangshan District, Fuzhou
Architecture Design: MAT Office
Architecture Design Team: Miao Zhang, Kangshuo Tang, Feiyu Wang
Structure Design:Fujian Boyork Architecture Design & Reasearch Co.,LTD.
Built Area:480 m2
Material:punching steel panel, OSB board, epoxy resien
Completion: 2017.05
Photographer: Kangshuo Tang
Copyright for images, drawings and text: MAT Office

Chinese & English text: MAT Office

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