PRF’s Headquarters by Impare Arquitectura

Seeking balance relations between the existing and new volumes of the headquarters building

Project Specs


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Architectural Project to increase the headquarters building of PRF – Gás, Tecnologia e Construção, S.A. which arises from the need to expand its administrative, warehouse and workshop areas.  The proposal considers the restructuring of the existing building, built in 2001. The building has the same functions, distributed in three floors. For the construction of the new building, right next to the first one, the existing functions have been extended by floor: workshops on the ground floor, storehouse on the middle floor and offices on the upper floor.

▼建筑外观,exterior view

▼主立面,main facade


The program was complemented with a Control Room on the middle floor and with a Canteen on the ground floor, with access to the terrace. On the top floor, a patio was created to connect the two buildings and allow the natural light on the interior spaces.

▼与露台相连的食堂,Canteen with access to the terrace


In the connection between the two buildings – new and existing – an autonomous entrance as been created, through which are distributed the vertical accesses – by stairs and elevator – and the level connections between the two buildings.

▼新旧建筑之间的入口,the autonomous entrance between the two buildings


The new building, despite the difference of architectonic language, which gives it autonomy, has the same volume and height of the existing building, seeking balance relations between the two volumes.  Exterior coating solutions – metal plate and a lightweight facade system, semi-covert in aluminum – gave a clearer expression of the new volume and the relationship between full and empty elements.

▼建筑外部以金属板和轻盈的立面系统包覆,the exterior is coated with metal plate and a lightweight facade system

▼立面光影,facade shades

▼虚实之间,the relationship between full and empty elements

▼虚实之间,the relationship between full and empty elements


A protection cover was designed to the loading and unloading bay, in the connection between the new volume and a contiguous warehouse; this coverage has, on one side, a metal gantry with a span of free 28 meters.

▼新建筑和仓库的连接处,the connection between the new volume and a contiguous warehouse

▼新的屋顶为装卸区域提供遮蔽,a protection cover was designed to the loading and unloading bay


▼空间的一侧以跨度为28米的金属台架围合,this coverage has, on one side, a metal gantry with a span of free 28 meters

▼内部空间,interior view



The interiors of the offices – new and existing – have been unified in their coatings, lighting, design and materials of the spans, prolonging and giving continuity to the spaces.


▼楼梯间1,stair hall 1

▼楼梯间2,stair hall 2

▼办公层走廊,office level

▼办公区域内部,office interior view


▼室内天窗和天花细部,skylights and ceiling detail

值得一提的是,15年前既有建筑的室内办公空间同样也是由Impare Arquitectura事务所设计。双方的再次合作得益于PRF公司对项目的积极参与及其对Impare Arquitectura事务所设计服务水平的信任。

It is noteworthy that the realization of this project, made 15 years after the project that Impare Arquitectura developed for the interiors of the offices of the existing building was, thanks to the great involvement and complicity of the client in the whole process, very gratifying, being also a sign of the trust placed in our services.

▼顶层走廊,corridor on the upper floor

▼屋顶庭院,the patio on the roof

▼庭院细部,patio detailed view

▼夜间视角,exterior view by night

▼平面图和立面图,plan and elevation

Project name: PRF’s HEADQUARTERS
Office: Impare Arquitectura
Architect: Paulo Seco
Location: Leiria
Conclusion year: 2018
Build Area (m2):
Client: PRF – Gás, Tecnologia e Construção, S.A.
Projectos de especialidades | engineering: Paul Roy Gonçalves [estabilidade e fundações especiais | structural engineer and special foundations]; Vânia Gomes [projeto de hidráulica | hydraulic project ]; Joaquim Freitas [instalações mecânicas | mechanical equipment]; Fernando Breda [instalações elétricas | electrical engineer]; Pedro Faria [térmica | energy certification]; João Cunha [SCIE | fire safety]; Fer- nando Lacerda [relatório geotécnico | geotechnical report]; Bruno Moleiro [coordenação licenciamento | licensing coordination] . Construtor | general contractor: Prediobra – Sociedade de Construções Civis Lda; Joana Pacheco [responsável técnico em obra | technical manager] Photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio
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