Landscape Project for the Mango Logistic Center by AELAND

Traditional industrial parks are lit up with vegetation

Project Specs


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The main objective of the Mango Logistic Center landscape project is to integrate its exterior spaces to the agricultural landscape of the surroundings and at the same time provide a strong character that differs from the schema of traditional industrial Parks.



The Asymmetric section of the street allows to reduce the constructed and paved surface and increases the penetration of the fields: the exterior ring has a sidewalk for the pedestrian and bicycle circulations and the main logistic building is placed in the interior surrounded by a green sloped basement.

▼物流园内的不对称小径,a sidewalk in the logistics park


The vegetation is organized in wide bands of grasses that are limited by short concrete walls. The scale and frequency of the bands is modulated following the logistic movements and the points of view from the vehicles that will accede to the plants and warehouses and it is also used to place other urban elements like the lightning or the furniture. By these means, the project creates a rhythm that will be mainly experienced from the dynamic perspective of the pedestrian and vehicles movement pedestrian. This rhythm changes and adapts to indicate the different parts and uses of the logistic plant, like the lorry entrances, the pedestrian square or parking spaces.

▼不同种类的草坪被水泥墩分隔开来,the vegetation is organized in wide bands of grasses that are limited by short concrete walls



The vegetated bands are low maintenance and water consumption and are combined with groups of almond trees that, as well as the grasses, are connected with the agricultural fields of the surroundings. The limits of the logistic center and the background visuals are planted with aligned groups of cypress and white poplars trees.

▼植被带,the vegetated bands


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