PP Planet Cafe in Xiamen, China by Robot 3 Studio

The concave wall divides the space, and french windows provide the mountain view

Project Specs


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Xiamen is such a faraway city with clear sky and wide sea, where the waves are roaring and the herons are chirping. Once upon a time, life is all about distance. The glance back there engraves on the time here. A long time ago, there was only a distance in life. Mountains lie on this side, and the sea lies on the other one.

▼咖啡厅室内一览,采用凹形墙,overview of the interior cafe with the concave wall

▼咖啡厅室内局部,大面积的落地窗确保群山景观的视野,partial interior view of the cafe, large french windows provide the mountain views

▼咖啡厅室内局部,采用木材作为家具和饰面材料,partial interior view of the cafe with the wood as the materials of furnitures and veneers

▼咖啡厅的陈列展览和用餐区,陈列区隐藏在凹形墙之后,the display and dining area, the display area is hidden behind the concave wall

▼咖啡厅的公共用餐区,the public dining area of the cafe

▼室内空间局部,透过木墙上的方形洞口可以看到远方的群山,partial interior view, viewing the distant mountains through the rectangular opening on the wall

▼咖啡厅墙面细节,金属瓦楞板上开圆形窗洞,wall details of the cafe, punching a round opening on the metal corrugated sheet

▼咖啡厅的凹形墙细节,墙上开方形洞口增加视线交流的机会,details of the concave wall, punching rectangular openings for visual communication

▼咖啡厅设计草图,the sketch

▼咖啡厅平面图,floor plan of the cafe

设计机构:Robot 3工作室
建筑面积:154 平方米
摄影:Robot 3工作室

Design Firm: Robot 3 Studio
Architect: Pan Fei,Wang Zhi
Client: PP planet
Location: 5504, Block A, Channel Building, Yanwu Road, Xiamen
Type: Leisure and entertainment
Construction Company: Xiamen decoration design co., ltd
Building Area: 154 sqm
Materials: Southern Pine,Metal corrugated sheet
Completion: 2019.4
Photographer: Robot 3 Studio

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