Portland Residence by Atelier Barda Architecture

A full renovation with classic, timeless lines

Project Specs


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波特兰住宅坐落于蒙特利尔,皇家山镇——一个按照20世纪早期的“模范城市”建造的小镇。项目原是一幢历史悠久的石屋。Atelier Barda公司对这栋石屋进行了全面的改造,并由旗下Foraine工作室为其量身定制了一系列家具。

The Portland Residence is a historical stone house located in the Town of Mount-Royal, a “model city” built in the early 20th century. The architectural firm Atelier Barda entirely renovated the property and created a custom furniture collection through its new Foraine par Atelier Barda division.

▼室内流动空间,interior fluid space ©Alex Lesage, Threefold


The architects’ mandate was to renovate all the spaces in the three-storey house, totalling 3,000 square feet, and to add an extension at the back. Important considerations in the redesign were the house’s location in the heart of the garden city and a desire to respect the heritage value of the surrounding built environment.

▼室内风格经典简洁,classic, minimalistic interior design ©Alex Lesage, Threefold


The main living area on the ground floor has an open layout that sets it apart from the upper floors. The partitioned layout of the original residence was entirely reconfigured to allow for fluid, intuitive circulation. A central service block, around which family life revolves, was designed in the form of a black rectangular box connecting the different levels. It includes a closet and powder room, along with kitchen appliances and equipment, and provides access to the stairs and a bookcase. It also serves as a transition between the private spaces (bathrooms, bedrooms) and common areas (living room, entrance hall, kitchen, family room), thus freeing up the peripheral space for occupants’ use. The anthracite oak finish contrasts with the light tones of the rest of the space.

▼黑色的中心服务区——入口空间,black central service block——entrance ©Alex Lesage, Threefold

▼黑色的中心服务区——走廊,black central service block——hallway ©Alex Lesage, Threefold

▼黑色的中心服务区与天花板交汇细部,detail of the black central service block and the ceiling ©Alex Lesage, Threefold

客厅里,一套标志性的De Sede沙发摆放在壁炉前,它不仅使空间的层级更加明显,同时规划了人们在屋内的运动轨迹。屋内布满用实心无烟橡木设计定制的古典家具(餐桌、长凳、咖啡桌、茶几、床头柜)。这些家具均由Atelier Barda旗下的Foraine工作室设计完成。

In the living room, an iconic de Sede sofa faces the fireplace, helping to hierarchize the space and orient movement. Throughout the home are pieces of classic-lined furniture in solid anthracite oak (dining table, bench, coffee table, end tables, night tables). All of the pieces were designed by Foraine par Atelier Barda.

▼标志性的De Sede沙发摆放在壁炉前,an iconic de Sede sofa faces the fireplace  ©Alex Lesage, Threefold


The materials selected for the project help to create a soft atmosphere. The chevron parquet in natural light oiled oak and clean-lined mouldings strike an elegant balance between the house’s original features and new architectural elements.

▼材料使项目在原始特征与新元素之间达到了优雅的平衡,materials make an elegant balance between the house’s original features and new architectural elements ©Alex Lesage, Threefold


At the back of the house, a series of glass curtain walls were added, providing an unobstructed view of the garden and filtering diffuse, natural light over the entire floor. Fine black steel mullions conceal a high-performance thermal insulation system adapted to Quebec’s challenging climate.

▼玻璃幕墙提供了良好了视野与自然采光,glass curtain walls provide a good view and natural light ©Alex Lesage, Threefold


The thicknesses of the materials are concealed to obtain sharp edges where surfaces meet, playing with perceptions of volume and juxtaposition. The curved surfaces are not only a reference to the house’s original architectural features; they also promote fluid transition between spaces.

▼家庭房,family room ©Alex Lesage, Threefold

▼楼梯间入口的弧形墙面, curved surfaces at the entrance of stair case©Alex Lesage, Threefold


Notable interior architectural details include carefully selected materials, curved walls and custom elements such as the stone mantlepiece, kitchen hood and stair railing.

▼通向二层卧室的楼梯及定制楼梯扶手,stair to the upper bedroom with custom stair railing ©Alex Lesage, Threefold


On the next floor are the bedrooms and a private office. In the bathrooms, a classic lime and tadelakt plaster finish with marble countertops and flooring create a peaceful environment. The skylight above the staircase allows abundant natural light to reach as far as the bedrooms.

▼二层浴室,bathrooms on the second floor  ©Alex Lesage, Threefold


This innovative redesign has freed the building’s spirit from its original constraints, giving it fresh expression in a setting that is both classic and resolutely contemporary.

▼定制家具与壁炉,Custom furniture and fireplace ©Alex Lesage, Threefold

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