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南特与“南特之旅”共同举办了2020南特植物园装置展,2020年7月10日至2021年11月这两个季度的展品由艺术家Jean Jullien负责, 该展览也是2020年南特之旅路线的一部分。在展览期间,Jean Jullien将展出专为南特植物园设计的原创的纪念性作品。游客可以看到4种不同的装置,并在某些情况下与它们互动。这些装置代表了四个奇特而有趣的角色,它们分别分布在池塘中央、草坪上和树林中。这些角色分别叫做L’Arroseur、Le Ratisseur、La Coiffe以及Les Enrouleurs,它们均由Jean Jullien创造。

▼四个角色,four creatures © Jean-Felix Fayolle

The City of Nantes, in partnership with Voyage à Nantes, and as part of the Journey to Nantes 2020 route, welcomes the artist Jean Jullien to take over the Jardin des Plantes for two consecutive seasons: from July 10, 2020 to November 2021.Within this exhibition, entitled “Filili Viridi”, Jean Jullien will exhibit original and monumental creations, specially imagined for the Jardin des Plantes in Nantes. Visitors will thus be able to see and in some cases interact with 4 different installations, representing fanciful and funny characters, distributed in the middle of the large pool, on the lawns and around the trees.These creatures were all imagined by the artist Jean Jullien:L’Arroseur,Le Ratisseur,La Coiffe, Les Enrouleurs.

L’Arroseur floating in the pool © Jean-Felix Fayolle

紧随艺术家Claude Ponti、Pedro和Johann Le Guillerm,Jean Jullien担任此次2020届南特植物园装置展的设计师,提供新的艺术装置,并于7月10日(星期三)对公众开放。这些装置将在园中度过整个冬季,并在第二年与艺术家的十几种原创新作合流,展现同样的创作精神。

In the footsteps of Claude Ponti, Pedro and Johann Le Guillerm, it is the turn of artist Jean Jullien to invest in the Jardin des Plantes for this 2020 season, with new installations, that the public will be able to discover from this Wednesday July 10. These sculptures will remain in place all winter and will be joined next year by a dozen new original creations by the artist, in the same spirit.

▼在草坪上行走的Le Ratisseur,Le Ratisseur walking on the lawn © Jean-Felix Fayolle

▼头披绿草的La Coiffe,La Coiffe’head wearing grasses © Jean-Felix Fayolle

▼环抱树木的Les Enrouleurs,Les Enrouleurs embracing trees © Jean-Felix Fayolle

远在此次南特亮相之前,这名艺术家就以设计了代表公爵之城的海报而闻名。他最出名的作品是以惊人的创造力设计的”Le Nid”酒吧,进门可以看到一只巨大的半鹳半鹭的鸟,它的脖子环绕酒吧一周,周围散布蛋壳形状的座椅。

Far from being his first brushstroke in Nantes, the artist is known for his famous posters representing the typical places of the City of the Dukes, and above all, his astonishing creation of the bar “Le Nid”: a monumental bird, half-stork, half-heron, which by its long neck crosses the whole bar, and watches over its eggs in the form of seats.

▼艺术家在绘制装置,the artist is painting the installation © Jean-Felix Fayolle

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