Point Nepean Residence by B.E Architecture

The perfect companion between travertine and teak

Project Specs


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Point Nepean住宅位于茂密的茶树园中,可以俯瞰Portsea码头与Phillip Bay港口。立面采用Eco Outdoor的进口石灰华材料,这是一种能够适应半岛天气变化影响的产品。石头立面粗糙、风化的纹理让人联想到场地下方的岩石防波堤,也让住宅看起来如同就是为环境而生的一样。可持续性的种植柚木包裹着建筑的下部,与上部石灰华立面构成完美的搭配。

The Point Nepean Residence is situated amongst thick tea tree parklands overlooking Portsea Pier and Port Phillip Bay. The façade was created using imported Travertine from Eco Outdoor, a product that will withstand everything the peninsula weather can conjure. The rough, weathered texture of the stone façade is reminiscent of the rocky breakwater situated below the site, which makes the house look as though it is meant to be there. Sustainably sourced plantation teak wraps the lower portion of the building and acts as the perfect companion for the Travertine façade above.

▼石灰华与柚木材料的住宅外观,exterior of the house constructed by travertine and teak


The house is set back from the road with only glimpses of the building details being evident from the entranceway. It is only on approaching that slowly the house reveals itself, and one becomes more aware of the materiality of the elements used.

▼住宅远离道路,从入口通道处仅能瞥见建筑的细节,the house is set back from the road with only glimpses of the building details being evident from the entranceway


The mechanically operated teak screens on the upstairs windows frame views of the bay and protecting the occupants from strong winds and harsh summer sun.

▼上部窗户的柚木屏风采用机械控制,the mechanically operated teak screens

进入高大 的前门后,居住者和来访者被引导走下一条长长的走道,走道旁边是中庭式的内部庭院,朝向主要的起居空间开放,在起居空间中可以看到码头和远处的海洋。

Once inside the tall front gate, occupants and visitors are guided down a long walkway next to an atrium style internal courtyard that opens out into the main living area with views over the pier and ocean beyond.


▼中庭般的花园,an atrium style internal courtyard

▼厨房空间,kitchen area


▼空间细节,space details


Point Nepean Residence, Portsea
B.E Architecture
Photographer: Derek Swalwell
Builder: Riley Hazen Projects
Façade stone: Eco Outdoor
Façade timber: Sculptform

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