Cloudscape by Mason Studio

Walking among the cloud

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在多伦多设计节(Toronto Design Offsite Festival)中,一系列云朵般的物体聚集安装在一处特定场地中,充斥着整个展廊并形成一种令人安静的氛围。装置具有互动性及移动敏感性,能够根据周边环境做出不同的反应:近距离观察时发出光亮,远离时则光亮消散。通过将参观者从现实引入一个充满虚幻感的作品之中,人们能够从喧嚣的日常生活中挣脱出来,获得哪怕片刻的平静时光。

▼Cloudscape装置概览,overview of the Cloudscape installation

For the Toronto Design Offsite Festival, a series of cloud-like objects gather in a site-specific installation, engulfing the gallery space in an ephemeral moment of quiet. The interactive, motion sensitive forms react to the surrounding environment; emanating with light at close inspection, and dissipating with distance. The noise of our everyday is challenged by pulling you out of reality and into a work of fiction, if even for a fleeting moment.

▼云朵般的物体充斥着整个空间,a series of cloud-like objects engulf engulfing the gallery space

▼装置具有互动性及移动敏感性,能够根据周边环境做出不同的反应,the interactive, motion sensitive forms react to the surrounding environment

▼夜晚从室外看装置空间,view from the outside to the installation at night

Project size: 4000 ft2
Completion date: 2014

More:  Mason Studio。更多关于他们:Mason Studio on gooood

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