The hat’s limitation by Kosaku Matsumoto

How big can a hat really be?

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Japan Braid Hat品牌以用布料和天然草杆编织的帽子而著称。与缝纫帽子不同,这种帽子是完全无缝编织在一起的,形状优雅而简单,因此理论上可以无限加大帽子的尺寸。那么问题来了,一顶帽子到底能有多大?

Japan Braid Hat is known for making blade hats (or Sanada hat) woven with fabric tape and natural grass straw in a swirl-like pattern. Unlike hats made by sewing, they are woven seamlessly together and completely jointless. The hat has an elegant simplicity of shape and form that made feasible to increase the hat’s scale to the limit. How big can a hat really be?

▼形状优雅而简单的编织帽,a blade hat with elegant and simple shape


The outcome of this experiment was a hat five times larger than the standard, stretching the technical limit of the craftsman, and extending the very definition of we can see as a hat. It has been expanded so much that the brim cannot bear its own weight, draping toward the ground to cascade and wrap the whole body of who wears it. Like a coat, a veil, or a small, sculptural tent, the hat gives various fluid impressions according to the way it is worn.

▼比普通帽子大五倍,five times larger than the standard hat

▼像瀑布一样在佩戴者的身体上倾泻而下,cascade and wrap the whole body of who wears it

▼像一件外套,一层面纱,甚至是一个充满雕塑感的小帐篷,a coat, a veil, or a small, sculptural tent


By challenging the very definition and the limitation of a hat, the work attempts to discover a scale of new functions and design possibilities in what we understand as a blade hat.

▼挑战人们对帽子的定义以及想象力的极限,challenging the definition and the limitation of a hat

Designer: Architect Kosaku Matsumoto
Manifacturer: Japan Braid Hat Mfg. Co., ltd.
Photographs: Nobutada OMOTE

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