Plugin Learning Blox, China by PAO

A pop-up school that can be rapidly deployed and easily adapted to current and future education models

Project Specs


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The Plugin Learning Blox helps alleviate the high demand for educational space in rapidly growing cities. It also responds to the need for classrooms to support innovative learning as China transitions to a post-industrial economy. The project is a pop-up school that can be rapidly deployed and easily adapted to current and future education models.

▼项目概览,overall view ©众建筑


▼模块单元示意,modular design ©众建筑

Advances in education call for greater emphasis on self-directed learning, social connection, and systematic problem solving. Interdisciplinary project-based learning is becoming a crucial methodology for young individuals. The “Plugin Learning Blox” is composed of several classrooms organized as project groups around a common area. Educational activities are held in the central public space where the community is invited to participate. The project classrooms serve as breakaway spaces for smaller group and individual learning.

▼主入口,main entrance ©众建筑

▼模块化的空间设计可成为未来学校可复制的基本空间单元,the modular spatial design provides a prototype for schools in the future ©众建筑


▼轴测图,axon ©众建筑

The building uses the China Construction Science & Technology Company’s prefabricated building system, the same flat-pack modular system used to build a hospital in 10 days in Wuhan. All the components were produced in a factory and the construction on site took 3 days. The building can also be disassembled, relocated and reused.

▼框架式的箱体为基本预制单元,全部构件在工厂生产,all the components of the flat-pack modular system were produced in a factory ©众建筑

▼主入口及连廊(左) ©VPHOTO ;主入口及项目组工作室-室外(右) ©众建筑,main entrance and corridor (left) & entrance and outdoor classroom (right)

“玩学块儿”作为未来+学院策划的“闪建策略园”的一部分,参与了2019年深港双城双年展。展览期间,承担园区具体教学展示的功能,项目开放展示区中介绍众建筑研发的玩学架(Plugin Learning Loft),该项目是一个学前儿童的空间教具研究计划,旨在将空间作为早期教育的第三个教学维度。 玩学架由基本的空间框架和可替换的填充物料组成,这些多样化的填充物料支持通过游戏来进行学习。

The Plugin Learning Blox was presented as part of The Popup Campus organized by FuturePlus Academy for the 2019 Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Architecture\Urbanism. As part of the exhibition, PAO’s Plugin Learning Lofts occupied the central common area to support educational activities. The project is a prototype designed to explore space as a third teaching dimension in early age education. The “Plugin Learning Loft” consists of a basic spatial structure with interchangeable infill elements that support learning through play.

▼入口展廊,gallery at the entrance ©VPHOTO

▼“玩学块儿”在展览期间展示众建筑研发的玩学架,PAO’s Plugin Learning Lofts occupied the central common area during the UABB 2019 ©VPHOTO

▼使用中的玩学架,Plugin Learning Lofts ©VPHOTO

▼从二层空间看中庭, view of atrium space from the second floor ©VPHOTO

▼项目组工作室-室内, classroom interior view ©VPHOTO

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼北立面图,north elevation

主持建筑师:何哲、James Shen(沈海恩)、臧峰
赞助方 / 施工单位:中建科技集团

Project Name: Plugin Learning Blox
Organizer: Longgang District Government
Location: Longgang District, Shenzhen
Building Area: 330 square meters
Design Period: November-December 2019
Construction Period: December 2019
Design Company: People’s Architecture Office
Principals: He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng
Project Architect: Sha Jinghai
Exhibition Team: Feng Ziqing and Li Tianhui;
Sponsor / Construction Company: China Construction Science & Technology Co., LTD
Curator: FuturePlus Academy
Photography: People’s Architecture Office, Vphoto

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