Platform Park by Terremoto

The urban space under the elevated railways

Project Specs


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本项目位于洛杉矶卡尔弗城(Culver City)内。项目基地本是高架铁路下的一片再普通不过却又随处可见的空地,建筑师通过设计,将其改造为了一个城市的公共花园。在基地上方,火车像移动的冰川一样呼啸而过,在人眼中定格出迷人的光影效果。支撑着火车轨道的强有力的混凝土柱则优雅地融入了地面环境中。

A vacant lot. An underpass in Culver City. A city amidst a city of cities. Nowhere, but also the center of the universe. The train rumbles past above us beating along like a stop-motion glacial retreat, in steady quarter notes of light and shadow, thumps and clicks. The muscular concrete columns that support the track merge gracefully into the dust of the ground plane.

▼平台花园概览,overview of the platform park


At the edge of the lot, our clients have created a thriving post-mall, singling out this little edge of the public thoroughfare for a flourishing retail corridor, even as the global retail sector rings its death knell. More quarter notes. Everywhere around us the inextinguishable and insatiable machinery of the Southland economy: The pulverized earth of Culver City construction, construction, construction, construction, construction.

▼花园局部,重新利用了高架铁路之下的空间,partial view of the park, reusing the space under the elevated railways

▼花园局部,周边是商业区和在建建筑,partial view of the park surrounded by the thriving post-mall and constructions


Beneath and among these grinding anti-historical swells of culture and commerce, these storms of transit and transience, Terremoto is asked to design an eye for a hurricane, a tube for a wave, a dale or hollow: a simple park for the unsorted exercises of being together, of a populace in respite. Culver City needs a culvert: that covered passageway for our flowing swiftly together. Put the problem another way: how can we be together, outside, amidst a world defined by its fugazi of “sharing”: an image-saturated, self-contradictory, grotesque reality of a post-Internet moment that blinks and s and does not see or hear,? How, now, can we be together, outside?

▼花园局部,设有各种类型的座椅,partial view of the park with various seatings


▼花园局部,partial view of the park

▼花园局部,周边建筑的外表皮被粉刷成彩色,partial view of the park, the wall of the surrounding is colorfully painted

▼公园旁边的彩绘墙,the painted wall beside the park

▼通过高低不同的植物来限定空间,从而营造出一系列与众不同的环境氛围,space and atmosphere are created by vagaries of the botanical plateau

▼公园里的植物,the botanical plateau of the park

Terremoto says yes to less (and more). Less programmatic civic space, more vagaries of the botanical plateau. Less directing your movements through the space, more plantscapes for exploring it on your own. More ranginess and long idles in the piazza, more intangible delicacy of languor in the zócalo, more soft revelries of being human together in the infinite shadow plays of the public way. Our park has no goals but it has this little platform.

▼各式各样的座椅空间,the seating areas

▼人们在公园内度过惬意的时光,spending pleasant time in the park

▼公园夜景,night view of the platform park

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