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汉字中涂鸦一词 , 源于唐朝。现代的街头涂鸦起源于20世纪60年代美国的费城和宾夕法尼亚州的graffiti,随着城市美化过程,绝大部分的创作都逐渐消失。面对充满变化的社会,在多元化的时代下,现代城市或许需要一面会诉说的墙 , 作为一座城市的刺青,也作为岁月变迁的道标。城市涂鸦不仅真实的反映了当地年轻人的艺术激情与创意,也代表了这个城市的真实性格。SOUR STUDIO 是广东省第一家涂鸦艺术商店,经营者欲打造涂鸦交流,绘画用品零售,涂鸦文化推广,涂鸦艺术家小聚之地。

The word “graffiti” in Chinese characters originated in the Tang Dynasty, while the modern street graffiti originated in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in America in the 1960s. With the process of urban beautification, most of the graffiti works gradually disappeared. In the face of a changing society in a diversified era, modern cities may need a wall that can talk, as a tattoo of the city and a sign of the changes of time. Urban graffiti not only truly reflects the artistic passion and creativity of local young people, but also represents the true character of the city. SOUR STUDIO is the first graffiti art store in Guangdong Province. The operator wants to create a place for graffiti exchange, painting supplies retail, graffiti culture promotion, and small get-together with graffiti artists.

▼商店外观,设有大块面的落地玻璃,柠檬黄直线勾画出建筑的轮廓,exterior view of the studio with the large pieces of floor-to-ceiling glasses, the outline of the building is lined out by lemon yellow straight line

远观SOUR STUDIO,金属质感的外表皮,柠檬黄直线勾画出建筑的轮廓,大块面的落地玻璃,形似一个几何变化的盒子。当走近SOUR STUDIO,干练冷酷的金属与粗糙原始的水泥质感之间的相互融合是一种静谧, 望最大的思考空间留给商品与涂鸦艺术家对话。建筑的构造运用几何化的切割手法,结合哑黑的金属质感,优化了室内采光 ,把建筑最大的块面与涂鸦艺术相融合,让建筑本身的“沉”与涂鸦艺术的“活”对话,留下一处独特的城市刺青。

▼画有涂鸦的商店外立面,the exterior facade of the studio with the graffiti

▼商店外立面上的涂鸦,the graffiti on the exterior facade of the studio

To see SOUR STUDIO from a distance, the metal texture of its outer skin, the outline of the building which is lined out by lemon yellow straight line, and the large pieces of floor-to-ceiling glasses, make it look like a box with geometrical change. When approaching it, the integration of competent cold metal and primitive rough cement texture is quiet, trying to leave the greatest thinking space for merchandise to talk to graffiti artists. The geometrization cutting technique is applied to the structure of the building, combined with the matte black metal texture, so that the indoor lighting is optimized. And the largest block of the building is integrated with the graffiti art, which makes the “lifelessness” of the building itself encounter with the “vitality” of the graffiti art, leaving a unique urban tattoo.

▼商店室内概览,overview of the interior studio

▼商店前台,the cashier desk of the studio

▼商店局部,partial interior view of the studio

▼商店室内空间细节,space details of the interior studio

▼招牌局部细节,details of the exterior logo of the studio

项目设计 & 完成年份:2019.9/2019.11

Project name: SOUR STUDIO
Design year & Completion Year: 2019.9/2019.11
Leader designer & Team: MARK SU
Project location: GUANGZHOU Haizhu District02PARK Chuangdian Park
Gross Built Area (square meters): 66m²
Photo credits: GEOM DESIGN

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