Office Space with Long Yard, London by Platform 5 Architects

Create an industrial office building with rational circulation space

Project Specs

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The project offers an open plan office space with contemporary interiors that reflect the industrial character of the building.

▼建筑外观,exterior view of the building ©Alan Williams


The existing commercial space was labyrinthine and run down so the building has been upgraded with a rationalised core and circulation, additional lettable space in the remodelled roof and large open plan office spaces.

upgraded core and circulation space ©Alan Williams

▼屋顶被改造为明亮的开放式办公空间,roof is transformed into a bright open office space ©Alan Williams

▼在斜屋顶下搭建轻盈的夹层,light mezzanine under the pitched roof ©Alan Williams


We expressed the steel frame and used a robust material palette of exposed timber floors, joists and rough brick walls to give the space a strong identity to attract TMT tenants looking for a distinctive space for their business.

▼金属框架及裸木地板使空间氛围独具特色,steel frame and exposed timber floors make the space unique ©Alan Williams

▼金属框架细节及粗糙的白色砖墙,detail of the steel frame and white rough brick walls ©Alan Williams

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