The “baked bread” on the station square

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distant view of the bakery, the color of facade provides a strong presence to the station square ©Tomooki Kengaku

The second store of PINOCCHIO, a bakery located in front of Oguchi Station in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. The facade, expressed by the color of a baked bread, provides a strong presence to the station square. An iconic appearance that can be recognized immediately from a distance and a space with soft impression through the materials and light, allows the bread to stand out, creating a new bakery image.

▼面包店外观,exterior view of the bakery ©Tomooki Kengaku

▼面包店外观近景,close view of the bakery ©Tomooki Kengaku

▼外墙细节,facade details ©Tomooki Kengaku


Vivid gradient and soft textures that express the quality and color of the bread are spread both inside and outside the store. The interior space, where all elements were kept to minimum with iconic wood surrounding the space, offers a sense of intimacy to the visitors.

interior view of the bakery with the color of bread ©Tomooki Kengaku

partial interior view of the bakery with vivid gradient and soft textures ©Tomooki Kengaku

details of the interior bakery with wood surrounding the space, offering a sense of intimacy to the visitors ©Tomooki Kengaku

▼平面布置图,layout plan ©I IN Inc.

▼室外立面图,facade elevation ©I IN Inc.

▼室内立面图,interior elevation ©I IN Inc.

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更多关于:I IN Inc. on gooood


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