Phoenix Garden Community Centre by Office Sian

To facilitate further enjoyment of the adjoining Phoenix Gardens

Project Specs

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The Phoenix Garden Community Building is located in the heart London, in Soho, and a few metres from both Covent Garden and Leicester Square. It is the first purpose-built new-build community centre in central London for generations, and is attached to the highly acclaimed Phoenix Garden.

▼建筑外观,exterior view

▼临街主立面,main facade facing the street

▼街道视角,view from the street


The design was developed from an early concept of ‘garden walls’, as a metaphor for ideas of enclosure, secrecy, and boundaries. With a strong emphasis on local context and sustainable design, the building features robust brickwork detailing, super-insulating materials, air-source heat pumps, water-harvesting, and green roofs, therefore increasing the level of biodiversity of the area.

▼从花园中望向建筑,view from the adjacent garden

▼立面细部,facade detail


The building sites on a previous bomb site, so an initial challenge was to try to understand how to build upon extremely poor ground conditions. The green roof of the structure increases the planting area of the Garden by 90sqm. A lower green roof area brings an element of the foliage of the garden to the front of the building, and provides a warm introduction to the visitor. Over the years, the planting in this area of the roof will become more intense. With super-insulated walls and sustainable features such as air-source heat pumps and rainwater harvesting, the new community building was designed with sustainability as a key feature.

▼绿色屋顶,green roof


The client, the Phoenix Garden Trust, wished for a new building to facilitate further enjoyment of the adjoining Phoenix Gardens. This new building succeeds in providing a venue for a multitude of uses; from providing WC facilities for guests to the park, to allowing space for school visits and community parties, to education events and weddings. The Client also required the new building to act as a beacon of what the garden itself stands for: sustainability, community, and of course, the promotion of free-to-access green spaces in the city.

▼首层门厅空间,lobby on the ground floor

▼社区中心提供了多样化的基础设施,the building succeeds in providing a venue for a multitude of uses

▼服务空间,service area

▼从室内望向花园,view to the garden from interior


For the internal floor, brickwork to blend with the garden pathways is laid in intricate patterns, and when doors leading to the garden area fully open, lends to a blurring of the boundary between inside and outside space.

▼室内地面与花园路径形成了融合,the brickwork of the internal floor blends with the garden pathway

▼室内和室外空间完全连接为一个整体,the blurring of the boundary between inside and outside space

建筑中使用了高质量且耐磨损的材料,迎合了在繁忙都市中建造低维护花园的需要。外墙部分主要使用了砌砖材料,与既有的花园墙壁形成了呼应。拱形的大门在定义入口的同时也暗示出隐藏在后方的花园。参考附近St Giles教堂的设计,刻有字母的白色石灰石板将主立面凸显出来,同时为建筑增添了自然而优雅的气息。

High quality and hard-wearing materials were proposed to create a robust building, suited to the nature of a busy inner-city location, and also to the needs of a client who maintains a garden throughout the year. Brickwork to match the existing low-garden walls is the primary material used for the external walls, with an archway to suggest not only an entrance, but also of a garden behind. The main facade is celebrated with white limestone lettering which references the nearby St Giles Church. The ‘Phoenix’ stone lettering allowed for the opportunity to use natural materials, as well as providing a landmark feature to aid the promotion of the building and facilities for the client.

▼刻有字母的白色石灰石板将主立面凸显出来,the main facade is celebrated with white limestone lettering

▼室内细部,interior detailed view




Project size: 120 m2
Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 2
Project team
Architecture + Design: Office Sian Architecture + Design
Structural Engineer: Wilde Carter Clack
Quantity Surveyor: Robert Martell + Partners

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