Peter Hall Performing Arts Centre at The Perse School by Haworth Tompkins

A naturally ventilated Arts Centre with full backstage facilities

Project Specs

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Haworth Tompkins事务所为英国剑桥的佩斯学校打造了全新的Peter Hall表演艺术中心。这是一座自然通风的建筑,包含一座可容纳400人的礼堂、一间灵活的大厅空间以及完善的后台设施。

Haworth Tompkins have completed a new Performing Arts Centre for The Perse School in Cambridge. The building, naturally ventilated throughout, includes a 400-seat auditorium, an adaptable foyer space, and full back of house facilities.

▼艺术中心外观,exterior view ©Philip Vile

佩斯学校的音乐和戏剧活动十分广泛,既有的设施已经不能满足日渐增长的需要。表演艺术中心以校友Peter Hall(1941-1949年在校)的名字命名,他在国家剧院担任主管,并与Haworth Tompkins事务所有着长期的合作。新建成的艺术中心包含一座可容纳400人的礼堂、一座带有大型排练室和教学室的灵活大厅,一个展览空间,全套教室,以及更衣室、工作坊等一系列完善的后台辅助设施。

The Perse School has an extensive programme of music and drama activities which had outgrown its previous facilities. The Performing Arts Centre is named after Peter Hall, who was a pupil at the school from 1941-1949. He went on to be the director of the National Theatre, an institution with which Haworth Tompkins has a long association. This new centre includes a 400-seat auditorium, an adaptable foyer space that incorporates a large, daylit rehearsal and teaching room, an exhibition space and full back of house dressing rooms, workshop and ancillary spaces, along with a suite of classrooms.

▼从室外庭院望向建筑,view to the centre from the courtyard ©Philip Vile


The triple-height, galleried foyer with a ‘diagrid’ timber roof structure, is naturally daylit and overlooks a landscaped courtyard which will form the new heart of the school. The space operates as a café for pupils and staff during the school day, and as a foyer for audiences during events in the auditorium. Spanning the full width of the courtyard, the highly glazed foyer allows views in and out of the building and blurs the boundary between interior and exterior.

▼高耸而通透的大厅空间,triple-height, galleried foyer ©Philip Vile

▼大厅走廊,foyer gallery ©Philip Vile

▼大厅覆盖以“斜肋构架”的木制屋顶,the foyer with a ‘diagrid’ timber roof structure ©Philip Vile

▼大厅局部视角,detailed view of the foyer ©Fred Howarth

▼屋顶结构细部,diagrid detail ©Philip Vile

大厅中的艺术挂毯是由格拉斯哥艺术家Victoria Morton特别为该项目设计的,她与学生共同合作,探索了学校的档案和历史。该作品是在爱丁堡的Dovecot Studios被制作出来。它被悬挂在大厅的显眼位置,从入口和上方的几个楼层都可以清楚地看到。

A specially commissioned textile artwork is by Glasgow-based artist Victoria Morton, who worked with the pupils and explored the school archives for references. Created at Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh, the wall hanging is visible from the approach to the building and connects the foyer at both levels.

▼艺术家Victoria Morton创作的纺织艺术品悬挂在大厅的显眼位置,the specially commissioned textile artwork by artist Victoria Morton is visible from the approach to the building and connects the foyer at both levels ©Philip Vile

▼挂毯细部,rug detail ©Fred Howarth


The auditorium is a rich, dark timber-lined space to contrast with the pale timber foyer. It provides a beautifully intimate room for dance, theatre, assembly, music and speech, wrapping the audience around the performers, but also allowing a more conventional end on configuration when required. The seats are upholstered in wool with natural colours that allude to the landscape outside. A suite of dressing rooms and technical spaces complete the theatre accommodation. The Performing Arts Centre incorporates full backstage facilities, enabling students to experience all aspects of staging a production and build on the activities of its thriving technical theatre company.

▼礼堂内部概览,interior view of the auditorium ©Fred Howarth

▼观众席,audience area ©Fred Howarth

▼礼堂舞台区域,auditorium stage ©Fred Howarth

▼座椅采用了自然色系的羊毛软垫,the seats are upholstered in wool with natural colours ©Philip Vile


As with much of our theatre work, and particularly for the resilience required of a school, materials have been chosen for their durability and capacity to mature and change over time. The warm, robust palette of hand-made bricks, precast concrete and timber structure was selected with this in mind.

▼Rouse大楼(古典文学院)外观,exterior of Rouse Building (classics department) ©Philip Vile

▼砖墙细部,brick detail ©Philip Vile


Natural ventilation throughout, ample daylight and a large ground sourced heat pump for heating and cooling will ensure that the new building uses a minimum amount of energy. The project features other sustainable elements such as a green roof on the classics department and Photovoltaic panels on the roof of auditorium. There is natural ventilation throughout, the auditorium and gallery studio exhaust through an air plenum and acoustically attenuated chimneys on the roof. High level windows in the foyer, gallery studio and classrooms automatically open and close dependent on the weather and external temperature.

▼立面细部,exterior detail ©Philip Vile

▼夜间庭院视角,view from the courtyard at night

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan

▼纵剖面图,longitudinal section

▼横剖面图,cross section

Client: The Perse School
Address: Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8QF
Project Start Date: February 2016
Completion Date: March 2018
Construction Cost: £9.6 million
Gross Internal Area: 2340m2
Architect: Haworth Tompkins
Jessica Daly, Simon Ricketts, Steve Tompkins, Roger Watts, Tom Wilson
Client: The Perse School
Contractor: RG Carter
Theatre Consultant: Charcoalblue
Structural Engineer: Price & Myers
Services Engineer: Skelly & Couch
Acoustic Engineer: Charcoalblue
Quantity Surveyor: AECOM
Artist (foyer wall hanging): Victoria Morton
Plantsman: The Plant Specialist

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