Power of Youth – TOP40 architects of FA Emerging Architect Award (FAEAA) 2018

Top level young architects in China. First step to build up confidence of Chinese architectural culture.

Project Specs


FA Emerging Architect Award was initiated in 2018. After 4 months of preparation, submission and pre-selection, the names of TOP40 list and the final 12 finalists have been released.


路演答辩会时间:3月15日 | 地点:上海FA河畔艺术空间(恒丰路610号C座107)
颁奖典礼时间:4月19日 | 地点:上海中心

Time of Final presentation: March 15th | Location: Shanghai FA Riverside Art Space (No.610 Hengfeng Road, Jing’An District, Shanghai)
See projects of the nominated archtiects: http://www.yiguanart.com
Time of Award Ceremony: April 19th | Location: Shanghai Tower 


Background of FA Emerging Architect Award (FAEAA) 2018

为发掘中国最具潜力的年轻建筑师,为他们打造一个跨界开放的创业平台,并用设计的力量来振兴乡村、精准扶贫。由艺术设计杂志《FA财富堂》主办,东方卫视艺术人文频道、澎湃新闻等各家媒体支持的 “2018FA青年建筑师奖”评选活动,自2018年启动,创造许多个建筑界的第一次。


To explore the most talented young architects, to create a crossover entrepreneurial platform for them, to rebuild villages for targeted poverty alleviation with the power of design, FA Emerging Architect Award is organised by « FA Fortune Art » Art & Design Magazine and supported by mainstream media in China: Dragon TV Arts and Humanities Channel and « The Paper »(澎湃新闻).

It is the first time that 120 professional judges from all fields are gathered to vote for the young talented architects. It is also the very first award which applies only to the ethnic Chinese architects under 40 years old, offering them opportunities to then participate in « Design Rebuilds Villages in 180 Days » Public Welfare Plan.

Opening of FA Emerging Architect Award on November 30th 2018


Too difficult to choose



After 4 months’ preparation, submission and pre-selection, the names of TOP40 list and the final 12 finalists have been released on March 7th 2019. Almost 190 architects from four regions across the straights applied for the award and they submitted excellent projects. 21 director judges were extremely impressed by the quality of all the works, which is why they decided to add 2 extra places to the entry list of 10. Thus, there are officially 12 finalists of FA Emerging Architect Award 2018.

Director judges found it extremely hard to vote for only 10 candidates since many of the architects’ works are outstanding.




Following phases


March 15th – Final presentation: Final presentation by 12 finalists in Shanghai FA Riverside Art Space (No.610 Hengfeng Road, Jing’An District, Shanghai)
March 16th: All the submissions of 12 finalists will be uploaded on: http://www.yiguanart.com
April 19th – Award Ceremony: 
Award Ceremony of FA Emerging Architect Award in Shanghai Tower 


To ensure the integrity of the competition, the list will be published until 00:00, April 1st, 2019. During this period, if you have any question about the result, please contact: contact@ted-artlink.com

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