Paysage de Feu in International Garden Festival 2020 by Vazio S/A

A dead garden: taking the destruction of the Cerrado as a project motto

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2020年国际花园节(International Garden Festival)于5月在法国卢瓦尔河畔的肖蒙城堡举行,其中,来自巴西的事务所Vazio S/A为本次展览设计了一项名为“Paysage de Feu”的装置作品,由塞拉多(Cerrado)的本地树木制作。

The 2020 edition of the International Garden Festival in Chaumont-sur-le-Loire was opened last May, and among the gardens of the exhibition is Paysage de Feu, Vazio S/A’s installation made with trees from the Cerrado.

▼“Paysage de Feu”装置,Paysage de Feu installation ©Eric Sander


With an international reputation, Chaumont is “the world laboratory in the field of gardens and contemporary landscape creation”, and takes place on the premises of a castle built 500 years ago in the Loire Valley, the region in the interior of France listed by UNESCO and known for its splendid Renaissance castles.

▼肖蒙国际花园节现场,Chaumont International Garden Festival venue ©Eric Sander



The second largest ecological formation in Brazil, the Cerrado is a tropical savanna that spreads over the hinterlands of Brazil and has an area of approximately 1.5 million km² (more than twice the area of France).Unfortunately, because it is a tropical savannah seen only as the poor vegetation biome and as an expansion reserve for agricultural areas, the Cerrado is helpless in terms of legal protection.

In February, and after a long Brazil-France trip of more than 9,000 kilometers, the branches of the Cerrado arrived in Chaumont, where they were assembled tip down.

▼装置由塞拉多的本地树木制作,the installation is made with trees from the Cerrado ©Eric Sander

这些植物被用于制作名为“Paysage de Feu”的展览装置,以呼应今年国际花园节的主题:“回归地球母亲”(Return to Mother Earth)。在过去的几个月里,亚马逊森林持续遭遇大火,塞拉多也未能幸免于难,而令人遗憾的是,它的遭遇并未引起本国或任何国际上的反响。

“Paysage de Feu”(浴火的风景)这项作品的意图正是呼吁人们关注塞拉多被破坏的事实。它由修剪过树枝和被烧过的原木组成,其原材料来自Sierra da Moeda山脚下的一个保护区域。

排成一排的树枝看上去就像是挂在冰柜里的那些被宰杀的动物尸体,展示着来自Minas Gerais、 Goiás和Bahia地区的植物遗迹。本质上,Paysage de Feu是一个由倒挂植物构成的“死去的花园”。这些没有眼睛与耳朵的有机体,试图用它们的根基去探索没有阳光和生命的地下世界,而人们不知道的是,正是塞拉多看似无用的酸性土壤为它们带来了生存的可能,将它们触及到的一切转化为食物和能量。

▼倒挂的树枝犹如被宰杀的动物尸体,the project showcases the branches in line, like slaughtered animals hanging in a refrigerator ©Eric Sander

Paysage de Feu, our proposal for the Chaumont Festival whose theme this year is “Return to Mother Earth”, takes the destruction of the Cerrado as a project motto. In the last few months, the eyes of the world have turned to the burning of the Amazon, while the Cerrado continues to be destroyed to become soy and pasture without any national or international repercussion.

Awarded by the Festival’s jury, Paysage de Feu is an arrangement of pruned branches and burned logs collected in a protected area at the foot of Sierra da Moeda, a mountain range close to the Cerrado House (also designed by Vazio S/A). The project showcases the branches in line, like slaughtered animals hanging in a refrigerator, and functions as a “posthumous botanical garden” of species found in the states of Minas Gerais, Goiás and Bahia. In principle, it is a dead garden made up of plants exposed upside down.

Organs without eyes and ears that explore an underground world without sun and movement, the roots make trees into amphibious beings, linking earth to air, living in a cryptic world and nourishing the leaves that seek the light (Emanuele Coccia, 2016). It is precisely in the depths of the acid and useless soil of the Cerrado that they find life where no other organism does, transforming everything they touch into energy and food.

 ©Eric Sander

▼花园平面图,garden plan ©Vazio S/A

▼花园剖面图,section ©Vazio S/A

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