PART STUDIO in Shanghai, China by PUJU Design

Blur the boundary between areas, facilitating human diversity.

Project Specs


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The SPACE finds its charm in transfiguring the materialistic to human perceptions. In a particular moment, the materiality and form are transformed to emotions by the space. It generates rich experiences while facilitating human diversity.

▼建筑外观,external view of the building

PART STUDIO是一家艺术留学教育机构,场地形态为25*10M长方形,入口处室外屋顶为建筑机电设备平台。室内空间需求多样:一间30人左右的教学空间(同时可转换成50人左右的讲座及展览空间)、4间独立小教室、公共办公室、接待室、VIP休息室、卫生间、储藏室等。

In the case of PART STUDIO, an institution on art education, the space takes the form of a 25*10 m2 square with the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment platform as the entrance rooftop. Inner space meets various needs: a teaching studio for 30 people, which can be converted to a lecture/exhibition hall for 50 people; 4 separate smaller studios, offices, reception rooms, VIP lounges, bathrooms, store-rooms, etc.



Confronted with the unfriendly surroundings, the initial idea is to mark off the interior from the exterior, and to blur the boundary between indoor areas. The scope and numbers of windows have been extended by outdoor walls to maximize natural lighting. And the glassy fences serve to provide undisrupted views while separating landscape and screening the equipment from view.

▼设计过程图解,design process


▼服务台对面的会客区,以玻璃划分空间,通过围挡保证室内外视线不互相干扰,meeting area on the opposite side of the reception, defined by glass with fence providing undisturbed view


The original partition boards have been removed to create an all-open space. The independent studios have been comparted by ceiling-high and transparent glass walls to guarantee desired functions and views, and to eliminate the sense of confinement.

▼室内一览,空间通透,overall view of the transparent interior space

▼由玻璃围合的通透教室,transparent classroom enclosed by glass


A circular block combining the corridor and landscape has been designed to facilitate exhibitions and lectures, forming a continuous and draughty traffic in the space.

▼连通的走廊,continues corridor


▼景观视线,view of the landscape


In the major studio, desks and chairs can be re-arranged in the storing space on the occasion of an exhibition. Old-aged wooden floorboards and lath bricks have been preserved on the ground made of tiles and concrete.

▼老师办公室,teacher’s office


Despite the small departure from our initial concept due to cost-efficiency and time limit, users of this space recognize its multi-functional construction which inspires intriguing atmosphere and interesting stories.


▼洗手间的镜子形成奇妙的视觉效果,the mirror in the washroom creates a unique visual effect

▼入口把手细部,detail of the door nob at the entrance


摄影师: Susan Tan
更多请至:PUJU Design on gooood

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