Parquet Patterned Pool and Spa, Sweden / Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects

The shapes and pattern are contemporary interpretations of classic composition.

Project Specs


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新建的水疗中心设立在瑞典南部一个 1796 年的宅邸附近,项目带有一个户外和一个室内游泳池。

A spa with two pools has been completed adjacent to a 1796 mansion in south Sweden.

▼ 豪宅附属的水疗中心,the spa is located beside a mansion


The spa has one indoor pool for wintertime and one outdoor for summer. The outdoor pool sits on a podium, which levels the slope on which the mansion sits. It thus creates a platform from which you have an elevated view over the estate towards the back. Yet, it sits discrete as seen from the approach to the main entrance.

▼ 建筑位于一个柔和的缓坡上,the project is placed on the gentle slope


The indoor pool is hidden inside the podium so that one pool could be said to sit on top of the other. The two spa areas are each other’s mirrors. The outside is protruding while the inside is hollowed out. But both share the same patterned concept.

▼ 室外泳池,the ourdoor pool


Lending inspiration from the Gustavian (Neoclassical) mansion in general and parquet floor patterns from the time in particular, the concept is built on the chevron (French parquet).

▼ 建筑外墙人字纹的瓷砖图案,the concept of parquet floor patterns is used on the facade

▼ 较小的构筑物里隐藏着通往室内泳池的楼梯,the stairs leading to the indoor pool is hiden in the smaller structure


Wood decking and custom precision laser cut tiles share the same chevron pattern in different scales. Two archetypically house-shaped structures stand, extrusion-like, on the podium next to the outdoor pool. The larger house makes for a roofed outdoor kitchen and dining place. The smaller and narrower house conceals the stairwell down to the indoor spa.

▼ 较大的构筑物提供了户外用餐的空间,the larger structure housed the outdoor kitchen and dining place

▼ 户外优雅的景色,the elegant view from the podium ©Duccio Malagamba


The spa harmonises with the mansion in proportions but does not recreate the historic style. House shapes and pattern are contemporary interpretations of classic composition.

▼ 室内的泳池,the indoor pool



The oversized (in comparison with normal parquets) tiles are white which allows them to be coloured turquoise by the depth of the water. Each step down into the pool thus is a deeper hue of turquoise. The water itself is not treated as a transparent ”nothing” but as a visible element and one of the materials on the palette. A material with the added function of beautifully lifting the tile pattern from the bottom of the pool to the surface, refracted and distorted by ripples.

▼ 茶色玻璃后的泳池,the pool behind the dark glass

室内游泳池侧面的深色玻璃墙后面是桑拿浴室和淋浴。茶色的玻璃更能强调空间中的人字纹图案。整个水疗中心只运用了四种材质:木材,瓷砖,水和玻璃 – 木材的人字纹图案叠加在瓷砖上,被水扭曲,被玻璃反射。

Sauna and showers behind a dark tinted glass wall flank the indoor pool. The tint makes the glass act with more reflection that amplifies the chevron pattern. The whole spa palette is complete with only four materials: Wood, tile, water and glass – the chevron pattern from wood is superimposed on tile, amplified and modulated by water and reflected by glass.

▼ 桑拿室和淋浴,Sauna and showers

Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects, 2016
Photo: Åke E:son Lindman

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