Landscape Design of FYI Center by Shma

Circulated green social space

gooood introduces New WeChat Public Platform

(only in Chinese) New WeChat Public Accounts online now.

Wuzhen Alila Hotel by Z + T STUDIO

A place for soul

Lucía in the Sky by Brut Deluxe

The infinity of stars

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        Kloof 119A by SAOTA

        A family house with its inverted pyramid roof capturing the spectacular views of Cape Town

        Under 35 – Ryan Tyler Martinez

        Parallel work in architecture, education, curation and video making. Think less and do more to push beyond the familiar.

        Giant Interactive Group Office, China by BNJN

        Create heart flow in working space

        Ensemble mixte Binet Montmartre by ECDM

        Unfolding in height in a succession of plans of a great clarity of space


        A bar in an ancient cathedral: the contemporary interpretation of Gothic

        「DUO」 Life Style Lab, China by DPD

        Connect the second point of life

        MACQUARIE R&D Centre, China by CUN DESIGN

        A workspace where an orange light runs through

        Beijing Cultural Innovation Park In China New Media Development Zone by COBBLESTONE

        Dual renewal of industry and space.

        Ze Meng Cultural Center, China by SATYOO

        Small boats resting at the river shore

        HubHub Na Příkopě, by Studio Perspektiv s.r.o.

        Twenty first century digital community

        Renovation of Nisida House by Margine

        A 1950s apartment welcomes its new life

        Rigaud City Hall by Affleck de la Riva architects

        White on White: Democracy and Transparency

        La Résidence des Stagiaires by Atelier Pierre Thibault

        A contemporary residence in Quebec consisting of two volumes with gabled roofs

        Toy Library and Offices by taller 9s arquitectes

        Dialogues between the contemporary building and the old Gothic bell tower