Two Pavilion House by Toussaint and Volz

A “skinny” house built on a difficult site

Dongsheng International Incubator Joint Office Space, China by Qingshi Design

Simple and elegant joint office space


Cafe Close to Life

Miami Produce Centre by BIG

A three-dimensional urban framework

L&M DESIGN LAB office renovation, China by L&M DESIGN LAB

Office with “logic belt” and “magic belt”

Aarhus Harbor Bath by BIG

To enjoy the water in all seasons

Hi, Mis Rong, China by Guangdong Infinity Mind Architecture Design

Brightly Colored Hot Pot Snack Restaurant

RUMORS – New Bund Store in Shanghai, China by NARMAL DESIGN

Cafe of friend and family

Together · Wecash Box Hostel Chengdu, China by VARY DESIGN

To change the guest’s behavior by breaking the traditional way of communication

Chao Hotel Beijing in a New Cloak, China by gmp

Play of Light and Shadow

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(Only in Chinese) New projects looking for designers.

”Origin of Maotai Liquor” cultural tourism experiencing area, China by Huiting Architects & Engineers x Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Practice of Human Settlement Design in a Mountainous Town

“The Ship” by Strombro Building Workshop

Celebrating the 80’s – 90’s sci-fi aesthetics

Delfland Water Authority by Mecanoo Architecten

a fragmentary complex into a cohesive whole

Huawei Wuhan Research & Development Center, China by ennead

Highly forward-looking technology base

CFLD innovation center, China by Auna design

Starlight in the city

Summer Residence in Pyrgos by Kapsimalis Architects

A monolithic rock facing the Aegean sea

Dalsland cabin 2.0 by Jimbrunnestom

Small and warm snow house