Overall design of Jinyang Lake Water Show Theater, China by UJ (Beijing) Landscape Planning and Design Co., Ltd

Water for dreams

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Appreciation towards UJ (Beijing) Landscape Planning and Design Co., Ltd (contact: uj_landscape@163.com) for providing the following description:


▼视频,Video © 张锦

Jinyang Lake, located in Jinsheng town at the southern end of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, is a power plant reservoir excavated manually in the early days of the founding of the people’s Republic of China. The lake covers an area of 5.1 square kilometers and has a water storage capacity of 24 million cubic meters. It is the largest artificial lake in North China, known as “China’s North Lake”, with an annual aquatic output of 236 tons.

▼晋阳湖,Jinyang Lake © 张锦


A performance


Jinyang Lake’s large-scale water live performance “Jinyang like a dream” is the first cultural and tourism performance project with Jinyang culture as the theme in China. With “water dream” as the design theme and water and fire elements as the core concept of performance vision, it starts from exploring the clues of Jinyang culture, refractory spring and Jinyang ancient city.

▼项目拥有面积高达182m× 82m的国内最大全水下喷泉矩阵 © 张锦
The project has an area of up to 182m × 82m is the largest underwater fountain matrix in China

▼《如梦晋阳》大型水上演出,Dream like Jinyang, large-scale water performance © 张锦

▼晋阳湖剧场,Jinyang Lake Theater © 张锦


A wave



▼李思远先生手稿,Sketch by Lizen

The name of “Jinyang Lake” has a long history. It is said that Taiyuan in ancient times was a vast expanse of water, called Jinyang Lake. The project is located on the Bank of Jinyang Lake. The introduction of new vitality elements is like stirring up a layer of waves by the lake.

As the formal symbol of the whole site, the extracted spray has simple, direct and enhanced expressiveness. This formal symbol is also a mode of information exchange, an exchange with Jinyang Lake, and an artistic presentation of the site as a lakeside space logic.

▼晋阳湖水秀剧场整体鸟瞰,Aerial view of Jinyang Lake Water Show Theater © 张锦

▼设计提取浪花作为整个场地的形式符号,Spray is used as the formal symbol of the whole site © 张锦

▼景观细节,Landscape © 张锦


It is said that form follows function. Perhaps form does not follow anyone. It is the product of interaction and adaptation with all spatial, physical and natural processes, and the result is to create a space atmosphere of continuous deduction.

▼露天大台阶,The amphitheater © 张锦

▼走廊装置,Outdoor installation © 张锦

▼傍晚视角,View in the evening © 张锦

▼项目总平面图,General layout of the project ©尤境(北京)景观规划设计有限公司


Project name:Overall design of Jinyang Lake water show Theater
Corporate name:UJ (Beijing) landscape planning and Design Co., Ltd
Project address:Jinyuan District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province
Client:Taiyuan state owned investment group Co., Ltd
Project scale:8.5 ha
Completion time:2019.5
Design content:Landscape and architectural design
Chief designer:Lizen
Design team:Liu Zigao,Zhao Shaolei , Pan Hongyu,Wang Shaojie ,Yin Ying,Bao Qi,Mao Junhao
Stage art design:Beijing Funshine Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Construction drawing design: CIGIS (CHINA) LIMITED
Photographer: Zhang Jin


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