Outdoor Altar in the Prayer Area by Paula Santos Arquitectura

An architectural intervention that has a grand scenographic importance in a sacred place

Project Specs


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The Centenary of the Apparitions of Fatima and the visit of the Pope Francisco on the 13th of May 2017, justified the project and the construction of the new Outdoor Altar in the Prayer Area of Fátima, a permanent work for outdoor ceremonies.

▼祭坛整体外观,overview of the altar

▼无障碍的路径,the project provides accessible routes


The Outdoor Altar includes in the lower floor a Sacristy, a Chapel of the Sacred Reserve and support areas for the priests.The project also allowed the mobility for the disabled to the old Basilica, the improvement of the existing colonnades and the redesign of the staircase to access all religious structures.

▼该项目对通向所有宗教建筑的楼梯进行了重新设计,the project redesigned the staircase to access all religious structures

▼楼梯细部,stair detail

▼祭台后方的镜面墙壁,the mirrored wall on the back side

▼神圣而优美的光影,sacred and elegant light and shadow

▼从建筑中望向室外祭坛,the Outdoor Altar seen from the building


A fiberglass cover coated on both sides was studied by the team project with INEGI. The cover has 600 m2 of suspended area, supported only by a block of white concrete within which are all technical and vertical accesses.

▼双面均覆盖以涂料的纤维玻璃顶篷,a fiberglass cover coated on both sides


建筑中的基督雕像由Filip Moroder设计,礼仪场所由João Mendes Ribeiro设计,Matéria Espiritual雕像则由Fernanda Fragateiro设计。

The building’s architecture has the intervention of Filip Moroder for the Image of Christ, João Mendes Ribeiro for the liturgical places and Fernanda Fragateiro for the sculpture Matéria Espiritual.

▼室内空间,interior view

▼服务空间,support areas


The architectural intervention has a grand scenographic importance in a sacred place and we intended it to result sublime and harmonious in the vast praying square.

▼夜景,night view

▼祈祷广场鸟瞰,Prayer Area overview

▼施工阶段照片,construction phase

▼负一层平面图,plan level -1

▼一层平面图,plan level 0

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan

▼立面图和剖面图,elevation and section

Client: Building and Environment Department (SEAC) – Sanctuary of Fatima Location: Fátima, Portugal
Author: Paula Santos, with A. N. Tombazis
Project/construction year: 2013-2016
Construction company: Mota Engil, lda.
Collaborators: Vasco Novais, Renata Pinho, Carmen Estima, Rúben Domingues, Augusta Lopes, Yiannis Romanos, Nelson Bertini, Eugénio Maia, Magda Macedo, Fernando Ferreira, Daniel Moreira, Victor Abrantes, Pedro Pinho, Marco Miranda, Filipe Andrade Santos, Tiago Laires, Diogo Mateus, Flávio Tirone, Jorge Neves, Nuno Correia, Carla Gomes, Álvaro Negrello, Nuno Silva Photographer: Fernando Guerra, Força Aérea Portuguesa (only photo 35)

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