Othello house by MASA Architects

A house which shares pleasure with a town

Project Specs


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▼项目概览,overall of the project © Masao Nishikawa

Takatsuki City is located nearly at the center between Osaka and Kyoto, thriving as a bed town for these cities. This area in front of JR Takatsuki station has developed as a detached residential area almost 40 years ago. It is a typical urban residential area where 4m width roads run along, each section divided around 120㎡, surrounded by concrete block fences.

▼项目远景,viewing the project at distance © Masao Nishikawa


The design of this project focuses on not turning backs on the town, but seeking a house which shares pleasure with a town. Usually, the 1st floor is surrounded by a fence, which from a resident’s point of view, the living room (etc) tend to be quite dull and poorly ventilated. Also, fences tend to cause inorganic and insular space.

▼由街道看建筑,viewing the building from the street © Masao Nishikawa

▼底层的混凝土矮墙被取消了,the concrete fence is canceled © Masao Nishikawa


Firstly, we reverse the function of the 1st and 2nd floor in the typical urban residential area, and then we didn’t set fences. We arranged only the bedroom on the 1st floor without fences. Owing to this arrangement, we could make a garden which neighbors could also enjoy together, and a car park which neighborhood children play when there aren’t the cars. We have made the insular street so open that the resident and neighbors could enjoy each other.

▼与邻居共享的庭院与停车场,the shared garden and the car park © Masao Nishikawa

▼庭院,the garden © Masao Nishikawa

▼庭院细部,detail of the garden © Masao Nishikawa


In order to enhance the character of each floor, we have shifted the axes of 1st & 2nd floor by 45 degrees to achive different nice relations on each floor with neighbors.1st floor has the same axis with the town in order to connect with the town continuously. 2nd floor has a diagonal axis against the town’s axis to enhance privacy. Moreover, 1st floor has an image of a protection by the mud wall like concrete block fences, while 2nd floor has an image of an attractive floating space like a tree house for example.

▼二层宛如漂浮的树屋,2nd floor has an image of an attractive floating space like a tree house © Masao Nishikawa

▼立面细部,detail of the exterior © Masao Nishikawa


We also have arranged all of the other functions on the 2nd floor. There is plenty of lighting and ventilation on this floor. In addition, this rearrangement provides privacy because of the different spending places between the owner and the neighbors.

▼二层空间入口,entrance of the 2nd floor © Masao Nishikawa

▼客厅厨房餐厅等生活空间均位于二层,living space on the 2nd floor © Masao Nishikawa

▼大面积的开窗创造了良好的采光通风条件,Large areas of Windows create good lighting and ventilation conditions © Masao Nishikawa

▼客厅,living room © Masao Nishikawa

▼俯瞰二层空间,overlooking the 2nd floor © Masao Nishikawa

▼木制天花板细部,detail of the timber ceiling © Masao Nishikawa


Next, in the future, this house can connect with their parents’ house who lives next door. Their parents could live on the only 1st floor of the connected house, and children’s household could live on the 2nd floor. It is possible to keep living in the familiar town even though they are elderly. Othello house makes boundaries ambiguous, share rich environment with neighbors, and enable dwellers to live in the dear town for long period of time.

▼底层入口与楼梯,entrance and the staircase © Masao Nishikawa

▼楼梯下方设有书桌,bureau desk under the staircase © Masao Nishikawa

▼夜景,night view © Masao Nishikawa

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan © MASA Architects

▼二层平面图,second floor plan © MASA Architects

▼立面图,elevation © MASA Architects

▼剖面图,section © MASA Architects

▼剖面细部详图,construction details © MASA Architects

Project Name : Othello House
Location : Takatsuki City
Zoning area : Category 1 residential area Semi-fire zone
Building Program : Residence
Site area : 144.10m² (Area without the private road on west side 114.48m²)
Building area : 74.71m²
Floor area : 126.42m²
Maximum height : 8.8m
Number of stories : 2 floors above ground
Structure : Wood
Construction period : April 2018 ~December 2018
Design and Supervision : MASA Architects
Structural design : Mitsuda Structural Consultants
Construction : VICO
Plaster work : KusumiSakan
Landscaping : GREENSPACE
Furniture : Kimura, MASA Architects
Photos : Masao Nishikawa

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