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The project is located to the east of Osuna, between the current University Residence and a row of terraced housing that fills the urban block.

▼建筑外观,exterior view of the building ©Moisés Jiménez


The windows on the South and north façade are set directly over the structure. For the east and west side we´ve chosen a ventilated facade of natural stone with a solar radiation absorption of less than 40%.

▼建筑外观,东立面采用通风性能良好的天然石材,east view of the building with a ventilated facade of natural stone ©Moisés Jiménez

▼建筑外观,西立面也采用天然石材,west view of the building with a facade of natural stone ©Moisés Jiménez


▼建筑南侧外观,south exterior view of the building ©Moisés Jiménez

The closings are always consistent with their orientations, ensuring an efficient energy performance through passive systems: a prefabricated concrete hanging lattice to the south and aluminum adjustable slats on the roof allow the capture of sunlight from autumn to spring, while they block the direct solar radiation during the warmest months. On the north façade, glass panels predominate in order to get the most of indirect natural illumination. This strategy optimizes the consumption of the air conditioning system.

▼建筑外观,南立面上悬挂的预制混凝土格架有助于更好地利用阳光,south exterior view of the building, the prefabricated concrete hanging lattice helps the utilization of the sunlight ©Moisés Jiménez

▼建筑南侧空间,屋顶上的可调节铝板助于更好地利用阳光,south view of the building, aluminum adjustable slats on the roof help the utilization of the sunlight ©Moisés Jiménez


▼概念分析图,the concept diagram ©UNIA ARQUITECTOS

The design of the floor plan is predicated on the current headquarters of Osuna’s University School which is old university building built in the 16th century. It was designed in a way where all the main spaces are distributed around a cloister. The new building follows the cloister configuration with a wide central space that allows for access to surrounding streets on the east and west of the building. The atrium is not only a meeting point for students and professors but also an exhibition space. The basement floor shares the same level with the University Residence so both buildings are connected via the central courtyard.

▼宽敞的中庭空间,所有的主要室内空间都围绕着其排布,the wide central space around which all the main spaces are distributed ©Moisés Jiménez


The roof has automatic opening window flaps for a rapid renewal of the indoor air when its temperature and humidity conditions exceed the comfort limits (free-Cooling system). Thus the atrium works as a heat accumulator in winter and as an air renewal in summer. There is also hanging vegetation suspended from the skylight that regulates the air humidity.

▼中庭,屋顶上安装有可以自动打开的窗户以调节室内环境,the atrium with automatic opening window flaps on the roof for a rapid renewal of the indoor air ©Moisés Jiménez

▼中庭,天窗上悬挂有绿植以调节室内的空气湿度,the atrium, there is hanging vegetation suspended from the skylight that regulates the air humidity ©Moisés Jiménez

▼天窗上悬挂着的绿植细节,details of the hanging vegetation suspended from the skylight ©Moisés Jiménez


The central space is flanked by two structural bays containing the different packages of the program. The North Bay contains four classrooms, which will each hold one hundred students. The south bay contains smaller classrooms, a computer room and a laboratory. The first and second floor will contain the third package including the teachers area, which is independent from the rest of the program.

▼首层空间,中庭空间的两侧是两个容纳着不同功能空间的建筑体量,the ground floor, the central space is flanked by two structural bays containing the different packages of the program ©Moisés Jiménez

▼首层空间,the ground floor ©Moisés Jiménez

▼二层空间,the first floor ©Moisés Jiménez


▼从首层看地下一层,viewing the basement floor from the ground floor ©Moisés Jiménez

Rooms which required a larger surface area were positioned in the basement floor: the library; reading room and cafeteria. All of the rooms are oriented towards a courtyard designed for open air recreation and rest. The surrounding landscape views are visible from the classrooms as well as the views of Osuna’s historical center from the circulation areas of the building.

▼教室,the classroom ©Moisés Jiménez

▼区位图,the location ©UNIA ARQUITECTOS

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan ©UNIA ARQUITECTOS

▼二层平面图,first floor plan ©UNIA ARQUITECTOS

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan ©UNIA ARQUITECTOS

▼地下一层平面图,basement floor plan ©UNIA ARQUITECTOS

▼立面图,elevations ©UNIA ARQUITECTOS

▼剖面图,sections ©UNIA ARQUITECTOS

Nombre del Proyecto: Escuela Universitaria de Osuna / Osuna University School
Oficina de Arquitectura: UNIA ARQUITECTOS
Arquitecto a cargo: Moisés Jiménez
Ubicación (calle, comuna, ciudad, país): C/ Alcalde Isacio Contreras 2B, local 9. 41003 Sevilla (Spain)
Año término construcción: 2019
Superficie construida: 6.845,68 m²
Fotógrafo / Sitio web: Moisés Jiménez
Marcas / Productos:
1. Cortizo / Carpintería exterior
2. Geberit / Grifería y sanitarios
3. Decustik / Revestimientos acústicos
4. Housing GRC / Lamas de GRC
5. Pereamar / Aplacado de pidera de fachada




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