Del Mar Civic Center by Miller Hull

As warm and leisurely as a seaside garden

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城市滨海绿洲 | A Civic Seaside Oasis


▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view ©Chipper Hatter

The city of Del Mar, California, is known for its laid-back charm. Perched on a steep westerly slope of Camino Del Mar, a portion of historic U.S. Highway 101, the Del Mar Civic Center offers sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. The Civic Center provides an important indoor and outdoor public gathering spaces in a civic heart that fits the spirit of its place.

▼项目分区示意图,project partition diagram ©Chipper Hatter


▼观海露台,sea view terrace ©Chipper Hatter

▼园区活动盛况,activities grand occasion ©Chipper Hatter

Expanding the lush and walkable village center south along Camino Del Mar, the building’s ocean view can be seen from well-scaled garden terraces flowing directly into Town Hall and City Hall’s public areas. Del Mar Town Commons and Ocean View Terrace link outdoor spaces designed to accommodate the community’s farmers market. These can be accessed directly by pedestrians arriving from the village center along Camino Del Mar with public parking below and out of sight. An all-season breezeway with large operable doors accommodates covered outdoor gathering or enclosed Town Hall overflow for large events.

▼从室外集会空间看向海边,view to the sea from the outdoor meeting space ©Chipper Hatter

▼露台海景,terrace with sea ©Chipper Hatter


对德尔马独特魅力的赞美 | Celebrating Del Mar’s Charm


The architectural character of the site and buildings is inspired by the Del Mar community, highlighting the human-scaled spaces and textures found in its most well-loved public realm and gardens. An expressed wood structure throughout main public areas is congruous with the Coastal Craftsman style of the Del Mar Library, the historic Powerhouse Park Community Center and St. Peter’s Parish.

▼园区内的木质结构都具有沿海工匠风格,the buildings in the park have a coastal craftsman style ©Chipper Hatter

▼远眺二层空间,overlooking the second floor space ©Chipper Hatter

▼屋檐细部,details of the roof ©Chipper Hatter


▼通风系统示意图,ventilation system diagram ©Miller Hull

Located at the highest corner of the block, Town Hall is capped by an iconic glass and wood cupola supported by a Torrey Pine-inspired truss, forming a gateway beacon from the southern approach to the city. Natural ventilation strategies are employed through the cupola in Town Hall and a clerestory of operable windows in City Hall, taking advantage of the Pacific breezes to reduce energy costs and create a pleasant workspace for visitors and city staff.

▼四季皆宜的微风长廊带有可控制的大型门,a breezy corridor with large, controllable doors ©Chipper Hatter

▼市政厅外部,outside the town hall ©Chipper Hatter


漫长的建成之路 | A Long Road to Success


The 1950s-era school remodeled in 1973 was no longer able to serve the City Hall’s administrative and public gathering needs. Two different proposals for Del Mar Civic Center had been rejected by City Council, one in the mid-1980s and one in 1992. In 2015, a team was selected in to work with the City of Del Mar and design the new Civic Center to include new administration offices, a multi-purpose Town Hall, Del Mar Town Commons, City Hall, Ocean View Terrace, and entry garden, 140 on-site parking spaces and flexible future expansion space.

▼城镇大厅内部,inside the town hall ©Chipper Hatter

▼市政厅内部,inside city hall ©Chipper Hatter

▼利于通风的屋顶系统,roof system for ventilation ©Chipper Hatter

为庆祝项目启用,市政府组织举办了一场迎宾烧烤会。在活动上,设计团队询问了德尔马人民的意见,并对邻里兼容性、城市特征、结构效率、公众视野、 住宅区的隐私权和公共室外空间的位置在内的一系列场地概念进行了分析。2016年1月,场地概念获得了市议会的批准。2018年6月,项目正式宣布竣工。

To kick off the project, the City hosted a meet-and-greet barbeque where the design team asked for input from the people of Del Mar. A series of site concepts were analyzed for neighborhood compatibility, civic character, structural efficiency, public views, residential neighborhood privacy and the location of the public outdoor spaces. In January of 2016, a site concept was approved by City Council. The project was completed in June of 2018.

▼内部空间细部,internal space details ©Chipper Hatter

▼由桁架支撑的屋顶细部,details of the roof supported by trusses ©Chipper Hatter

▼屋顶细部,details of the roof  ©Chipper Hatter

▼夜幕下的观海露台,sea view terrace at night ©Chipper Hatter

▼夜幕下的市政厅,city hall at night ©Chipper Hatter

▼夜幕下的城镇大厅,town hall at night ©Chipper Hatter

▼项目平面,plan ©Miller Hull

▼项目剖面,section ©Miller Hull

Architect of Record: The Miller Hull Partnership, LLP

Design Architect: The Miller Hull Partnership, LLP

Partner-in-Charge: Ron Rochon

Managing Principal: Caroline Kreiser

Design Lead: Mike Jobes

Design Critic: Ben Dalton

Project Architects: Jeffrey Troutman, Kurt Stolle, Judith Rodriguez Lambotte, Kelley Ross, Jessie McClurg, April Ng, Steve Doub, Kevin Carpenter, John McKay

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