OPPO Super Flag Store, China by DOMANI

Natural relationship between humans and atmosphere

Project Specs


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The OPPO super flagship store is located in Huaxi Live, Wukesong, Beijing. As the designer of this project, we visualized a relatively free space, tried to not overstress the luxuriant design concept, but to develop the natural relationship between humans and atmosphere.

▼旗舰店外观,exterior view ©张星


Along the L-shaped path of the outside of the building, the storefront facade of the space was chosen 12 meters high, 6.4 centimeters thick multi-layer laminated hollow glass curtain wall, was connected to the public space as a convex surface.

▼玻璃幕墙形成凸曲面的体量 ©张星
the glass curtain wall connects to the public space as a convex surface


The OPPO super flagship store is located in a “sunken plaza”. We got rid of most of the area on the second floor and rose single-story to a height of nearly ten meters, the viewing space has been expanded, and the insufficient lighting caused by the internal two-story structure and limitations of the story height have been resolved.



We placed six 8 meters high LED screens in the space that move as the viewers’ eyes rove across their surface. The random movement of the mechanical module intensifies the flowing feel of demonstration video in the space.

▼内部展示空间,interior view ©张星

▼空间中置入6块8米高的LED屏幕模块 ©张星
six 8-meter-high LED screens was installed in the space

▼展示区,display area ©张星

▼沙龙互动区,interaction salon ©张星


The relatively interesting point in the space is the triggered interactive device set up on the wall. Customers can achieve an audio-visual experience by removing and wearing headphones.

▼触发式互动装置,interactive device ©图片来自网络


According to different needs, the reserved space on the second floor has set up a communication environment such as Maintenance Department and After-sales Department.

▼交通流线,circulation ©图片来自网络

▼从二层俯瞰一层,overlook from the second floor ©张星

▼二层配件互动区,accessories interactive area on the second floor ©张星


As our third super flagship store in cooperation with OPPO, we tried to create a relaxed atmosphere in the design of this project. Given that this era of various cultures, we hope to weaken the clear definition of symbol and to present honest results with our rich experience and rigorous logic.

▼一层展示区概览,overlook to the display area ©张星

▼动态示意图,diagram gif. ©东仓建设

▼平面图,floor plans ©东仓建设

Name | 项目名称:OPPO SUPER FLAG STORE | 北京OPPO超级旗舰店
Location | 项目地点:Beijing, China | 北京华熙LIVE五棵松
Client | 项目业主:OPPO
Date | 完成时间:2019年5月
Interior Design | 主案设计:张星(Vincent Zhang)| DOMANI东仓建设
Cooperative Design | 协作设计: 史静雯(Eve JW))等| DOMANI东仓建设
Construction Side | 施工单位:幕墙玻璃:北玻股份
家具品牌:RIVA 1920
Architecture Design | 建筑设计:张星(Vincent Zhang)| DOMANI东仓建设

More:东仓建设。更多关于他们:DOMANI on gooood.


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