OPEN’s Dialogue by the Sea Starts Construction

Sea and dune, art and human.

Project Specs


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在中国北部渤海湾一片安静的沙滩上,OPEN 设计了两个艺术空间:一个在岸边,如同藏于沙丘下的神秘洞穴;一个在海里,如同露出海面上的黑色礁石。两者之间,一条长长的栈道连接沙滩与大海、艺术与人。两个空间构成了一场无声的海边对话。

On a quiet stretch of beach along the coast of Bohai Bay in northern China, OPEN designed two art spaces: one hidden in the sand dunes, like mysterious caves; one rising out of the sea, like a solitary piece of rock. A long walkway stretching in between connects the sand and the sea, the art and the people. The two spaces create a silent dialogue by the sea.

▼“海”与“陆”的空间,spaces belong to “sea” and “dune”

▼海岸边遥相呼应的两座美术馆,two galleries echoing from a far distance


Dune Art Space

沙丘经历了漫长的时间累积和风沙推移而自然形成,并被原生的低矮灌木深扎的根系固化下来。“洞穴”,受启发于孩童挖沙的游戏,从沙丘内部挖掘,形成这个艺术空间 “挖掘”创造出形态各异又互相连接的一系列“洞穴” – 人类最原始的居住形态和最早的艺术创作场所。在永恒的沙与海之间,建造一个与身体贴合的, 内在的隐匿场所,让进入其中的人们重拾将耳朵贴近贝壳的童年记忆,在灵魂的庙宇中,聆听海浪的回响,让身体回归最初的庇护所。

Countless years of wind have pushed the sand into a strip of dune along the shore a few meters high, stabilized by the low rising shrubs and ground covers. Inspired by kids’ tireless digging in the sand, this art space is carved in the dunes. “Digging” creates a series of connected soft spaces, much like caves, the primal form of human inhabitance and the earliest site of man’s artistic creation. Between the sea and the sand, a hidden place emerges, intimate to the body and soul. It allows those who enter it to re-experience the long-lost childhood memory of putting a shell to the ear. Listening to the chimes of the sea in the temple of the spirit lets our bodies return to their original shelters.

▼建设中的沙丘艺术空间,the dune art space under construction


The sea is constantly changing through different openings and at different moments. The light cannon sculpted by the path of the sun beams soft refracted daylight into the center of the space. Dancing around the curving surfaces in tiny steps, diffused light endows the place with a bright and uplifting spirit to produce a multi-functional gallery space. A giant sandglass lets time and natural light flow softly into the space.

▼巨大的沙漏中倾泻出的时间与光线,both light and time slipping through the giant sandglass

▼沙丘洞穴中的有机的空间,the organic space in caves of the sand dune


With ever-changing expressions and temperaments, the sky and sea stimulate boundless creative energy. A spiral staircase leads to the lookout on the sand dune, guiding souls filled with curiosity to rise up from the caves, and be deeply touched by the vast openness of the sky and sea. Through a narrow passage, they leave the caves in the sand dunes and head toward the realm of the sea.

▼洞穴里的暗处盘旋升起置身于天空与大海的广袤之间,rise up from the caves and touched by the openness of the sky and sea

▼沙丘艺术空间平面图,plan of the Dune Art Space

▼画室轴测图,painting studio axonometric


Sea Art Space


The “rock” is formed by two lines: one perpendicular to the shore, the other perpendicular to true north, with a 15-degree angle in between. This art space has the same shape in the plan as on the façade. Geometry and order, solitude and determination: this is a gallery that opens up to the ocean, with a single workshop that serves as an artist’s retreat. The path that links the “rock” to the shore is a path for the pilgrimage of art. This path is only revealed at certain times, with the right tide and in the right moment. Its fleeting presence is not unlike the discovery of one’s personal legend—it is there, but often it simply seems unattainable.

▼“沙丘”对岸的海上美术馆,Sea Art Space sits in the opposite side of the “dune”

▼一条朝圣艺术之路连接着艺术馆与海岸,footbridge linking the “rock” to the shore is a path for the pilgrimage of art


The “rock” erupts out of the sea, enticing visitors to climb or to stop at some point along the way. Facing the sea, the gallery is open and transparent, extending from the interior to the exterior, reaching to the sky and to the sea. Attuned to the breathing of nature, this dock-like space is the place to receive artwork and visitors coming in from the sea.

▼与自然对话,dialogue to the nature

▼艺廊内部,inside the gallery


Here, only one piece of art is exhibited at a given time. The pilgrim, in solitary coexistence with the artwork, comes infinitely close to its spirit. Behind the gallery, a hidden workshop is a retreat for the artist—a hermit on the sea.

▼大海上一个孤独、内省的空间,a isolated space for introspection


Organic, Primitive, White, Group, Collective, Smooth, Submerged, Subtractive, Ambiguous, Feminine; Geometric, Abstract, Black, Singular, Solitary, Rough, Rising, Additive, Exact, Muscular

▼空间内部,interior space

▼海上美术馆平面,plan of the Sea Art Space




The two spaces both explore the simple yet profound relationship between man and art, and the attitude of man facing nature, to follow and revere. Here, in the eternity of the sea, the power of art and nature fuse into one, bringing man back to the origins of consciousness.

▼艺术与自然在这里合二为一,in here the power of art and nature fuse into one

设计时间:2015 – 2017年

设计团队:周亭婷,王萌萌,胡伯骥,赵耀,方冠颖,Joshua PARKER,卢笛,陈修远,马千程,叶青,史程昱,贾瀚

Design Year: 2015 – 2017
Status: UnderConstruction
Expected Completion Date: 2018
Client: Tianxingjiuzhou Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd
Program: Gallery, Artist Studio, Reception, Restaurant, Bar
Building Area: 1,480 m2
Location: Qinhuangdao, China

Architects: OPEN Architecture
Principals in Charge: LI Hu, HUANG Wenjing
Project Team: ZHOU Tingting, HU Boji, WANG Mengmeng, ZHAO Yao, Anne FANG, Joshua PARKER, LU Di, CHEN Xiuyuan, MA Qiancheng, YE Qing, Steven SHI, JIA Han
Local Design Institute: CABR Technology Co., Lt

More: OPEN建筑事务所,更多关于他们: OPEN on gooood.

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