Opening German Football Museum in Dortmund by HPP Architects

The form reflects the spirit and enthusiasm of football.

Project Specs


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经过3年的施工,多特蒙德德国足球博物馆终于开幕了。 博物馆的立面和形体都体现了足球运动的精神与热情。

The German Football Museum opened in Dortmund following 3 years of construction. The façades and form of the structure reflect the dynamism and emotion of the game.


德国足球博物馆于2015年10月25日正式开放并举行了为期3天的庆典活动。 HPP于4年前获得了该项目全欧洲范围内竞赛一等奖, 并为这一在德国有着140年历史的足球运动建立了一处永久的家园。

博物馆位置优越, 位于多特蒙德中央火车站对面, 对目前的艺术和文化背景是个很好的补充。人们第一次可以在常规的运动领域外,在这个总建筑面积为7700平方米的博物馆内体验到足球的文化和历史。

The new premises of the German Football Museum were officially opened on October 25h with a 3-day celebration. Four years after winning the Europe-wide competition to design the museum, HPP have created a new and permanent home for the 140 years of German Football history. HG Esch has now photographed the building.

Situated in a prominent location opposite Dortmund’s central station, and complementing the existing artistic and cultural context, footballing history can be experienced for the first time on 7,700 m² of GFA in a context outside of the usual realms of the sport.



悬挑的结构和楔形切口的设想来源于国王墙大道的城市背景和由柏林德立策划的展览空间。建筑的外形主要受到三个元素的影响: 自由悬浮的建筑主体, 连续开阔的公共空间和底座。 后者是最主要的元素, 尤其是结合周边的环境, 展示欢迎的姿态。

The form of the elevated structure with its wedge-shaped incisions is drawn both from the urban context on Königswall and from the exhibition concept, developed and executed by scenographers TRIAD Berlin. The architectural appearance is mainly influenced by three elements: the free-floating body, the continuous public space and the podium. The latter is a key element, particularly in terms of the surroundings, and functions as a welcoming gesture. The plateau serves to even out the varying site levels, allowing access free of thresholds and steps.


建筑的外立面清晰地告诉人们,这里是德国人最热衷的足球运动主题圣地。立面上不规则的铝板穿孔展示出足球的纹理,并设有LED照明。 一副传统足球的图形, 透过方形的空洞展现出来,两层立面之间的画副可根据需要随意更换。正立面的扁长型LED屏幕,完善了这座体验式建筑的外型。

The façade carries the clear message that this is the place of Germany’s most well-loved sport. The football motif is represented by a perforated aluminium façade, back-lit with LEDs. The pattern of the square perforations coalesce to form an image of a traditional football. The space between the skins of the façade can be spanned with interchangeable graphics. An LED media façade completes the exterior of the experience-orientated building.

Fussball Museum Dortmund



来访者通过广场进入博物馆的前厅, 此处被设计成悬挑的大空间, 作为城市空间的延展。 穿过售票处和球迷商店, 来访者可以通过扶梯到达二楼的展厅。 一楼的“球场”则可用来举行临时的展览和活动,还可以安置餐饮设施。

Visitors access the building via a forecourt leading to the entrance foyer, which has been designed as a free-floating space that acts as a continuation of the city. Past the ticket desk and fan shop, an escalator takes one up into the twin levels that house the permanent exhibition. The “Arena” on the lower ground floor is reserved for temporary exhibitions and events and catering facilities.







Fussball Museum Dortmund

Fussball Museum Dortmund

HPP合伙人兼总裁Gerhard G. Feldmeyer 先生说,“动感和热情,是代表足球运动的精神,也是我们设计德国足球博物馆的宗旨。 足球激励着我们也将我们紧紧地联系到一起, 这也是足球博物馆开放和存在的理由。”

“Dynamism and emotion, that is what football stands for and it is what our design for the German Football Museum stands for”, explains HPP’s Partner-in-Charge and Managing Director, Gerhard G. Feldmeyer. “Football inspires and connects us. It is for exactly this reason that the Football Museum building is open and inviting!”

▽ ground floor plan


▽ first floor


▽ second floor


▽ North Elevation



项目名称: 德国足球博物馆
业主: 德国足球基金会有限公司
地点: 多特蒙德
竞赛: 2011年一等奖
总建筑面积: 7,700 m²
建筑设计/施工: HPP Architects, 杜塞尔多夫
合伙人: Gerhard G. Feldmeyer, Werner Sübai
项目经理: Antonino Vultaggio
副项目经理: Björn Hennemann
团队: Barbara Gries and Guido Kürten together with Melanie Behnke, Tobias Fröhlich, Raimund Holubek, Kun-San Moon, Sebastian Seibold, Raphael Strohmeier, Roland Grube, Yvonne Migura
HOAI工程阶段: 1-8 (全过程)
奠基: 2012年9月20日
结构封顶: 2014 年4月4日
竣工: 2015年10月23日
承重结构: 钢筋混凝土/钢结构
楼层数: 4
外围尺寸: L 88.50 x B 25.40 x H 19.50 m
展览面积: 3,400 m2
展示空间设计: 柏林德立项目有限公司
景观设计: Club L94

Project: German Football Museum
Client: DFB-Stiftung Deutsches Fussballmuseum gGmbH
Location: Dortmund
Competition: 1st Prize 2011
GFA: 7,700 m²
Architects/Execution: HPP Architects, Düsseldorf
Partners: Gerhard G. Feldmeyer, Werner Sübai
Project Manager: Antonino Vultaggio
Construction Manager,
Deputy Project Manager: Björn Hennemann
Team: Barbara Gries and Guido Kürten together with Melanie Behnke, Tobias Fröhlich, Raimund Holubek, Kun-San Moon, Sebastian Seibold, Raphael Strohmeier, Roland Grube, Yvonne Migura
HOAI Phases: 1-8
Ground-Breaking: 20 September 2012
Foundation Stone laid: 29 April 2013
Topping-Out: 04 April 2014
Completion: 23 October 2015
Supporting Structure: Steel-reinforced concrete/steel construction
No. of Storeys: 4
External Dimensions: L 88.50 x B 25.40 x H 19.50 m
Exhibition Area: 3,400 m2
Exhibition Designers: TRIAD Berlin Projektgesellschaft mbH
Landscaping: Club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten

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