ONMYOJI Theme Store, Guangzhou, China by E Studio

Combination of game and off-line life experience.

Project Specs


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Appreciations towards E Studio for providing the following description:


Being as the ultimate IP of Netease, the dowanloads of Onmyoji has reached beyond 200 million. For the first time, Netease and E Studio decided to open this offline theme store.

▼项目外观,external view of the building


“Onmyoji theme store” locates in TIT creative park adjacent to Guangzhou Tower,and is surrounded by Delonix Regia away from the downtown. The design of this shop includes a renovation of the original building and the interior design. Regarding to the IP, the theme shop includes a series of experience spaces of café, bar, retail and showroom which connect young people’s life with game, and bring better social and entertaining experiences. And it has been a place full of possibilities.

▼鸟瞰图,项目位于树木荫蔽之中,aerial view of the building surrounded b trees

▼建筑外观,external view of the building


Installation Material & Lighting


▼立面设计分析图,facade analysis

The jump-layer building is appeared as a giant light box by using polycarbonate panels as facades. Distinguished from the surroundings and connected to the theme of the story, the building is acting as a Light Barrier and is producing the visualized effect by controlling the lights. Guests would enjoy an interaction with the “lightbox”, and pretend like getting a connection with different Planar Spheres.

▼光线透过立面,建筑如同一个发光的盒子,the building is appeared as a giant light box

▼木结构透过半透明立面增强节奏感,wooden structure enhance the rhythm of the translucent facade


The design uses wood and translucent polycarbonate sheets as the structure to show its lightness. The gap between the wood structure emphasizes the rhythm of the building.

▼木结构和半透明材料给人以轻盈的感觉,wooden structure and translucent materials create a feel of lightness

▼材料细部,material details


Courtyard of the Onmyojis


▼庭院分析图,analysis of the roof garden

The design of the courtyard is expressed by the concept of seal and Karesansui. Starting from the shape of a ripple, the layout of the courtyard spreads above to the upper layer and the whole space is accompanied with plants that change by seasons.

▼屋顶庭院鸟瞰,aerial view of the roof garden


Once unintentionally entering the courtyard, one would feel like stepping into a ghosts’ party.

▼屋顶庭院,roof garden

▼灯光装置,lighting installation


Space Design and Function Zoning


The café located on the first floor. When sun shines and puts the shadow of the trees on the translucent polycarbonate sheet during the daytime, the space is filled with light and sense of poetry. The bar table is made of granite while the wood structure shows its warmth under the sunshine. The café becomes bar during the night by controlling the illuminations.

▼一层咖啡厅,cafe on the first floor

▼室外座椅,outdoor seating area

▼咖啡厅细部,details of the cafe



By changing the theme regularly, the space shows its flexibility and variety. Taking the storyline of Onmyji, the plot of the story is expressed on the mesh which encloses series of semi-private spaces of which are illuminated differently to show antagonism.

▼环形包间,semi-private dining space


For the in-depth gameplayers, the store is such a perfect place to experience the real game scenes as well as gaining more chances to get in touch with other players of different types and appetites. As for the public, it is also a good place to get relaxed and explore the world of ghost.

▼模型展示区,exhibition area

设计单位:壹所设计工作室(E Studio)
项目地点:中国 ,广州
项目类别:建筑改造 / 展览空间 / 商店

Design: E Studio
Location: Guangzhou, China
Category: Architectural renovation, Exhibition space, Store
Designers: Junjian Fan, Xuanzhuo Zhou
Project area: 385 square meters

Project Year: 2019
Photography: Chao Zhang

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