One’s Chapel china by Atelier FANZHENG

one’s meditation space on the beach

Project Specs


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Since we started Atelier FANZHENG , we have served a lot of Party A to fulfill their own dreams. This time, we want to pay more attention to one of the things we have always wanted to do in our hearts, that is, to give ourselves a place to pray and meditate on the beach. After many days of spare materials and production, we put this space without any commercial value on the beach, where you can feel the time, you can feel the outside world, you can feel the most authentic self, we named it “One’s Chapel”.



设计构思|Design Conception


Step 1:In the limited space of 3M * 2.5m * 3m, we need a relatively extended space, so we choose the shape of the circle. By contracting the circle horizontally and vertically, it creates an angle that extends upward, and this angle, which is the guide of a space, allows one’s mind to gather somewhere, gradually shrinking to the patio, leading to the sky.


Step 2: in the vertical direction of the courtyard, a solitary activity space is formed. The entrance design is extended on both sides, extending inward, allowing the natural light on both sides to be evenly distributed into the space.


Step 3: With the sunlight coming in from the patio, the projection is projected on the interior elevation of the space. The projection moves one day after another, adding time to it.


材料建构|material & construction


A、Through the wooden structure to shape the entire space form.
B、The facade uses a transparent shading net to expose the structure so as to achieve the permeability of the building.
C、We use felt to create an interior space, because felt is a soft, light-absorbing and opaque material, can let the light into the space more uniform, more clean;
D、The use of thumbtacks to fix felt, it is not only to achieve a fixed role, but also to make the interior space on the black felt, the occurrence of luminous spots (these thumbtacks reflect, is a very clean reflection point), increased interest.

▼材料分析,material analysis


建筑实景图|The Architecture


Standing quietly on the shore, the person who enters is like walking into another world, feeling the time changes of the outside world in space. The patio and the Starry Sky create a divinity in which one can feel the transcendence of the inner form, where solitude or meditation can better confront the inner world, dialogue with oneself, and thus acquire a new self.

▼海边搭建,set up on the beach

▼整体外观,exterior view



The “One’s Chapel” can be placed by the sea, in the forest, or in the mountains, where people can meditate, feel the flow of external time quietly through the changes of light and shadow, and place their inner world freely.

▼天井与“星空”,the patio and the “starry sky”

▼一个人的冥想空间,one’s meditation space


In the eyes of outsiders, “Return” may be labeled with many labels, but we still maintain the original attitude towards design, constantly explore, break new possibilities, be ourselves, and describe each person’s thoughts and thoughts in a spatial way, just as “One’s Chapel” allows us to meditate in a fast-paced life. Let’s really understand “Return” in the way of design.

▼建造过程,construction process


More: Atelier FANZHENG (contact: fzzfstudio@outlook.com更多关于他们:Atelier FANZHENG on gooood

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