One Central Park / Ateliers Jean Nouvel & PTW Architects

Providing a new way of living in harmony with nature.

Project Specs


Ateliers Jean NouvelPTW Architects共同合作完成的One Central Park垂直绿化公寓堪称新的“世界之最”,
并夺得世界高层都市建筑学会的“全球最佳高层建筑”头衔。更多请至:Ateliers Jean Nouvel on gooood 

One Central Park垂直绿化公寓提供了一个与自然世界和谐并存的生活新途径。

PTW Architects给gooood分享了这个每一层楼都有藤蔓和绿叶的创新摩天大楼。



大楼最巅峰之处在于那个无法让人移开视线,包含顶层豪华公寓的大悬臂构造。这个构造最下方那些闪闪发光的镜片是阳光扑捉器,它们反射阳光到达下方的各个空中花园。而到了晚上,这些镜片结合艺术家Yann Kersalé设计的LED灯光装置,成为城市上空中闪耀的“星光”。









One Central Park offered Nouvel and Blanc a canvas of an entirely new scale. Here they built an integrated experience for living in harmony with the natural world.

The public park at the heart of the precinct climbs the side of the floor-to-ceiling glass towers to form a lush 21st century canopy. Using 250 species of Australian flowers and plants, the buds and blooms of the vegetation form a musical composition on the façade.

Vines and leafy foliage spring out between floors and provide the perfect frame for Sydney’s skyline.

Just like Central Park New York, the 64,000 sqm park is a lush tranquil meeting place where you can unwind and relax with friendsand family. Wander or cycle through its tranquil groves or simply sit on the lawns for informal al fresco dining. There are also chessboards and an open-air cinema, as well as occasional markets and music festivals.

A hovering cantilever crowns the pinnacle of One Central Park. This contains the tower’s most luxurious penthouses.

Here there are a beguiling assembly of motorised mirrors that capture sunlight, and direct the rays down onto Central Park’s gardens.

After dark the structure is a canvas for leading light artist Yann Kersalé’s LED art installation that carves a shimmering firework of movement in the sky. This brings a new starlit architectural shape to the One Central Park design.

Location: LOT 1 Broadway, Central Park, Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia
Design Architect: Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Architect Of Record: PTW Architects 
Green Walls: Patrick Blanc
Year: 2014
Photographs: Murray Fredericks, Simon Wood, John Gollings

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