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Profit the concepts of transparency, sequence and gradient

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The urban center of Córdoba is made up of dense blocks drilled by infinity of patios that give to this place the character of a space never fully known. When we go inside we find an amalgam of constructions from different eras where mass and emptiness alternate giving light, air and privacy to the inside. This territory of light and shadow is articulated throughout the collection of intermediate spaces that nourish the Mediterranean architectural heritage. Alleyways, open hallways, passages, corridors, courtyards, galleries, solariums and, finally, the fragmented landscape of the rooftops, make up a network of empty spaces that are interspersed in urban density providing continuity to the public space inside the block.

▼项目概览,overall view of the project © Fernando Alda


In this context, we have to project the expansion of an office located in a three-dwelling house plants by the incorporation of three new properties, two on the ground floor and one on the top floor. We believe the extension should happen without perceiving the transit between one area and another, thus guaranteeing the final cohesion of the resulting workspace. We propose the intervention trying to draw without raising the paper pencil, defining a continuous space that from the original offices penetrates through the inside the block, going through courtyards, entering the built density, hollowing out when it is demanded and peering into the existing courtyards until reaching the rooftop.

▼手绘稿,sketch © Sol89

▼轴测分析图,axonometric diagram © Sol89


Floor, ceiling and cladding exterior are prolonged throughout the intervention to underline this continuous condition of the space. A elevated and heating concrete floor crosses interior and exterior spaces; the roof is solved with an acoustic panel of wooden slats inserted between the original concrete structure that acquires a new expressiveness when framed by it.

▼由室内望向内院,viewing the patio from the interior © Fernando Alda

▼大面积的开窗模糊了室内外界限,Large glazing blur the boundary between inside and outside © Fernando Alda

▼由室内看庭院以及扩建的连廊,viewing the extension volume in the patio © Fernando Alda


Finally, the volume of the new workspace is coated with galvanized steel sheets when meets the courtyards and is placed as volumes without supports, underlining its status as an autonomous device inserted in the gaps existing. The pieces of furniture, the areas defined by the acoustic ceiling and the ventilation provided by the courtyards delimit workplaces without divisions, nuancing the open plan.

▼庭院中的体量采用了玻璃幕墙与镀锌钢板,the volume of the new workspace is coated with galvanized steel sheets © Fernando Alda

▼体量中没有设置任何支撑龙骨结构,the volumes without supports © Fernando Alda

▼通往顶层办公室的楼梯,staircase to the top floor working space © Fernando Alda

▼屋顶花园,roof garden © Fernando Alda


The intervention seeks to profit the concepts of transparency, sequence and gradient typical of traditional articulations of the vast centers of the historic cities of the south of Spain, without lose sight of the willingness to sew the spaces available for enlargement. The space penetrates the mass in form of air and light as a continuous matter that belongs to the entire city ​​and is domesticated inside the block.

▼走廊,hallway © Fernando Alda

▼会议室,meeting room © Fernando Alda

▼项目细部,details of the project © Fernando Alda

▼夜景,night view © Fernando Alda

▼平面图,plan © Sol89

▼剖面图,sections © Sol89

▼细部构造详图,construction details © Sol89

Situación – Location:Córdoba, Spain
Fecha de proyecto – Design date:2017
Fecha de terminación – Completion date:2019
Promotor – Client :Private
Arquitectos – Architects:Sol89. María González y Juanjo López de la Cruz
Aparejador – Quantity surveyor:Cristóbal Galocha (office) & José Luis Luque (construction)
Colaboradores – Collaborators:
Elena González Gracia, arquitect
Rosa Gallardo Parralo, arquitect
Alejandro Cabanas y Miguel Sibón, Installation engineers
Fritz Josef Koch, cabinetmaker
Superficie – Built up area:250 m²
Fotografías – Photographs:Fernando Alda

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