Office Space For Hangzhou Marry Wedding in Zhejiang, China by Z’ARTISAN Design Studio

The new configuration of the wedding company

Project Specs


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This case is an office space of a high-rise building. The client’s request to us is to “waste twenty percent of the space first”, and to do more space combination in hard decoration. We know that by this joke the client actually hopes to improve the tone and quality sense of the whole space through designing, so designers fully take the combination of functions into account when deploying the entire spatial structure. In the entrance hall, the information desk, the meeting room and the negotiation room, a lot of dislocation, abstraction, geometry and composition have been done, thus forming a new combined conformation and functional body.

▼办公空间平面布置图,the layout plan


▼轴测图,the axon

FRAME is designed to confuse the primary and secondary relations and the sequence of front and back of the spatial scene. The space exists in front of the frame and also behind the frame. By suggestion of the scene, curiosity is another expression of sense of ritual. In the entrance hall, the designer wants the whole space to be darkened to play up the atmosphere of overall whole space, so that the customers can see the space similar to the exhibition hall by slightly turning their heads after going up to the 20th floor using the express lift. Let the entrance stay in this space, let everything stagnate, slowly, quietly, and leave the rest to be told by the space.

▼办公空间前厅,整个空间都暗下来,渲染整体空间气氛,the entrance hall, the whole space is darkened to play up the atmosphere of overall space


The boundary is the only way to two spaces, which can lengthen the boundary and stagger the internal spacious space with the external space, not only plays a transitional buffer role in two spaces, but also avoids the dullness of having a panoramic view at a glance. After the baptism of the space atmosphere in the anteroom, let the breath be condensed in this space and let the details and quality be transmitted to every corner.

▼书写墙,the writing wall

▼服务台,the reception


As a new generation of industry leading wedding company, innovation is normal. Therefore, we hope that the meeting room is open. On the one hand, this can get rid of the restraint and seriousness of the formal meeting room by taking the main background of the meeting room as the background of the whole space, and combining the top modeling to form the coherent interaction of the whole space; On the other hand, it also combines the aisle and the public rest area to bring users a different use experience. We have done some reorganization and arrangement by combining the original wall, hidden fire hydrant, service desk and other functional BOXes to form a new configuration.

▼会议室,结合顶部造型形成整个空间的连贯互动,the meeting room, combining the top modeling to form the coherent interaction of the whole space

▼洽谈区,采用粉色的玻璃隔墙,the negotiate area with pink glass partition walls

▼办公空间细部,details of the office space

▼主入口立面图,elevation of the main entrance

▼主立面图1,main elevation 1

▼主立面图2,main elevation 2

▼主立面图3,main elevation 3


Project Name: Office Space For Hangzhou Marry Wedding
Design organization: Z’ARTISAN Design Studio
Design time: August 2018
Complete time: Febuary 2019
Case Design: Thomas Wang
Design Team: Oscar Zhou
Project location: Hangzhou
Area: 230 m2
Work category: Office space
Construction unit: Wang Hongtao (Project Manager)
Photographer: Zhang-X
Client: Hangzhou Marry Wedding

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