OFFICE FACT NO.23 – Archi-Union Architects

The OFFICE FACT NO.23 is about Archi-Union Architects from China

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What do the most interesting and innovative design offices in the world look like?
OFFICE FACT reveals the working method and the environment of them for you. This is the No.23 episode, Archi-Union Architects

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关于 | About

Archi-Union 创盟国际建筑事务所于2003年在中国上海成立,专注探寻人机协作时代的数字人文场所精神,并回到未来视角,审视人类世建筑实践的意义。

Founded in 2003 in Shanghai, China, Archi-Union is dedicated to exploring the spirit of digital humanities in the era of human-machine collaboration, and returning to the perspective of the future to examine the significance of the current “Anthropocene” architectural practice.


实践理念 | Philosophy



As a dual tool of thinking and construction, the machine becomes an extension of human subjectivity. Tools are not only the medium of realization between the subject and the object, but are becoming each other. The parametric design method has not become a hotbed of formalism, but is becoming a carrier of human-machine collaboration, re-establishing a new connection from “intention” to “fabrication”. Archi-Union has always focused on the ontological research of construction with a critical vision. Through the frontier exploration of design laboratories, it tries to break the binary opposition between research and practice, open up ideological boundaries, and expand the openness of architecture, the possibility, and thus the advancement of research and practice.

Based on the new construction perspective of building materials (wood, brick, concrete, plastic, metal, etc.), new contemporary connotations were endowed to digital and intelligent means for international frontiers. Committed to the effective integration of architectural design theory, technology, local culture and the spirit of the times, Archi-Union specifically focuses on the application of digital design and intelligent construction methods to practical construction projects.



办公空间 | Working space


Our office is located in Wuwei Creative Industry Park, No. 1436 Jungong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai. The rowing of the northward skylights in the industrial heritage, the towering red brick chimneys, the mottled and rusted steel roof trusses, and the shooting of the newcomers have gradually formed a daily and constant picture of the park.

▼办公室庭院,courtyard of the office


▼工作室简图,office building diagram

Archi-Union’s office space was transformed from a three-span old factory in the 1960s. The entire design has been integrated and transformed into an 3,000 square meters architectural studio complex with multiple functional spaces such as research laboratories, design office areas, a robotic factory, experimental construction site and project showrooms.

▼室内办公环境,office interior view

▼模型间,model room


“Silk Wall”, the facade of the plant is based on material and construction performance. Using the cheapest hollow concrete block, it strives to express the silk texture from this plain base material, responding to the site where a large number of cotton textiles were produced, and creating a new building soul. The reading of the gray scale in the silk texture becomes the medium for translating silk into a wall masonry. Through the gradual and regular rotation angle, the wall presents a soft, wrinkle-like effect.

▼办公室所在厂房的外立面,office building facade


The tea house in the backyard of the office area is a hidden new world, and it is also the reconstruction of the original warehouse room on the base. The staircase formed by the concrete ruled surface connects a tea room on the first floor and a reading space on the second, showing a harmony of closed and open, possession and compromise, active space and logical construction. The organic combination of digital design and low-tech construction in the “silk wall” and “tea house” also expresses Archi-Union’s consistent attitude and declaration.

▼办公区后院的茶室,tea house in the backyard
Tea House, J-office(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click to read more)

▼茶室内部,tea house interior view


As Archi-Union’s research and practice in digital design and intelligent construction became more and more abundant, an open space behind the office was converted into an in-house robot construction factory in 2015, and a new glass room serving as the Fab-Union research office was also built at the second half of the middle courtyard lawn, while the lawn acts as an open experimental site. This transformation has greatly shortened the spatial distance and cycle of scientific research to practice. Every time we see the light in the glass room at night, each of us is willing to believe that the opportunity is endless and the future can be expected.

▼草坪成为开放的试验性搭建场,the lawn acts as an open experimental site

▼办公室讨论,office meeting

▼事务所成员合影,group photo of Archi-Union Architects



2016年,“J-Office 办公空间改造项目”获中国建筑学会建筑创作金奖(建筑保护与再利用类)
2016 年,“Fab-Union Space”获芝加哥图书馆与欧洲建筑艺术与城市研究中心颁发的国际建筑奖
2017年,“池社 & 松江名企艺术产业园”获 意大利建筑杂志The Plan Award
2018年,“竹里”获 WA中国建筑奖佳作奖
2018年,“竹里&西岸人工智能大会B馆”获Architecture Masterprize美国建筑大师奖

2014 Arcasia Awards for Architecture Honorable Mention – Lanxi Curtilage
2014 Arcasia Awards for Architecture Mention – J-Office & Silk Wall
2014 ASC Emerging Architect Award
2014 Wienerberger Brick Award – Lanxi Curtilage
2014 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/ Architecture Public Award
2016 Architecture Creation Awards ASC Gold – J-Office
2016 Architecture Creation Awards ASC Silver – Songjiang Art Campus
2016 The International Architecture Award – Fab-Union Space
2017 The PLAN Award (Culture) – Chi She
2017 The PLAN Award (Office and Business) –Songjiang Art Campus
2018 The International Architecture Award – Chi She & In Bamboo
2018 World Architecture (WA) Award – In Bamboo
2018 Architecture Masterprize – In Bamboo & West Bund World AI Conference Venue B
2018 The Architectural Society of Shanghai Science and Technology Award First Prize

▼参展模型,model on exhibition



2018年,德国柏林建筑画廊“Collaborative Laboratory”个展
2018年,上海西岸Fab-Union Space“Collaborative Laboratory”个展
2019年,上海西岸“见筑未来I’m interested in seeing the future”建筑采访展

2013 Milan Triennale, Milan, Italy
2014 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture, Shenzhen, China
2014 Shanghai Biennial, Shanghai, China
2017 Shanghai Urban Space Art Season, Shanghai, China
2017 Chicago Architectural Biennial, USA
2018 In Bamboo & Chi She, permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA
2018 In Bamboo Village & Cloud Village, Chinese Pavilion of Venice Architectural Biennial, Italy
2018 Collaborative Laboratory, Architektur Galerie Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2018 Collaborative Laboratory, Fab-Union Space, Shanghai, China
2019 I Am Interested In Seeing The Future, Fab-Union Space, Shanghai, China



主要项目| Main Projects


In Bamboo: Art village in Dao Ming Town(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click to read more)


Chi She, Shanghai(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click to read more)


Songjiang Art Campus, Shanghai点击蓝色链接查看更多, click to read more)


Shangart Gallery West Bund(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click to read more)


West Bund World AI Conference Venue B(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click to read more)


Concord School in Shanghai


Sinan pop-up bookstore, Shanghai


Fab-Union Artspace, Shanghai

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