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Appreciation towards Fuzhou Dongxingxijian Design Co., Ltd for providing the following description:


Here is no such interpersonal thing as a heavy ceremonial feeling, only the leisure time when you back home. Clean and powerful lines cut through the peace of space. The simpler it is, the more you can see the truth.

▼干净有力的空间线条,clean and powerful lines


Due to the demand of space height, the depth of digging into the ground was one meter before the current height.

▼向地下深挖一米创建层高,the depth of digging into the ground was one meter before the current height


In one corner of the office, the guys have been designing and sometimes they need to sit quietly and think about the original aspiration. Space is also a part of the natural environment, and it needs people to nourish and connect with it. A good space needs a good master to grow slowly and it is inanimate at first. Get along with it, get home at last.

▼静谧的空间角落,the peace corner


Space is divided into black and white, which also represents our attitude towards working: Simple and clear; Stay True. Space is to serve mankind, in the world of black and white, the color of our skin is the richest color actually. In the center of our company, we designed a Tatami, named “Between”. Between emotion and principle, Between black and white, Between people, Between heaven and earth. All of them can be released here.

▼黑白分明的空间,space is divided into black and white


We do not know where the future is, but we are on our way. Taking a designing path for seeking the inherent things. To be a design company that knows cold and warm.

▼空间环境,interior view

▼一层平面图,the first floor plan

▼二层平面图,the second floor plan

Project name: Fuzhou 東形西見 Design Co., Ltd
项目地点:福建 福州
Project location: Fuzhou, Fujian Province
主持设计:李超 陈志曙
Designer: Li Chao; Chen Zhishu
设计团队:江伟 朱毅 吴圣辉
Design team: Jiang Wei; Zhu Yi; Wu Shenghui
Architect: 東形西見
Design area: 350M²
Photographer: Wu Yongchang

More: 福州東形西見设计有限公司 Fuzhou Dongxingxijian Design Co., Ltd,更多请至:Fuzhou Dongxingxijian Design Co., Ltd on gooood 

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