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本项目为Line Design Studio事务所为一群由年轻IT专家组成的团队专门设计的办公空间,他们有着共同的理想与抱负,而这也是本项目室内设计的出发点。

The concept of the office space was developed for a young team of IT specialists united by a common idea and aspirations, which served as the starting point in the development of the interior.

▼项目概览,overview of the project © Sergey Melnikov


A large open and understandable space with monolithic concrete structures preserved in their original form is a kind of basic element, setting a certain entourage and tone for the entire space. And the erected structures and partitions have a specific functional load of delimiting office zones.

▼首层办公空间概览,overview of the ground floor © Sergey Melnikov

Concrete floors and shaved plaster ceilings set the sober tone of the space © Sergey Melnikov

▼开放自由的办公氛围,open and free office ambiance © Sergey Melnikov

Different materials are presented in the building in the form of partitions © Sergey Melnikov

viewing the meeting room from the open working area on the second floor © Sergey Melnikov

▼二层会议室内部,inside the meeting room of the second floor © Sergey Melnikov


The office has three levels, each with its own specific function with local seating areas. The first level is reserved for the “noisy” departments of the company. The second is an open office space with a prominent black volume of the meeting room area. And the “highlight” of the entire space can be called the recreation area on the third level, where the company’s employees can not only dine, but also have fun and active time.

▼顶层娱乐空间概览,overall of the third floor © Sergey Melnikov

▼由用餐区看娱乐室,viewing the recreation room from the eating area © Sergey Melnikov

▼厨房,kitchen © Sergey Melnikov

▼娱乐室,Recreation room © Sergey Melnikov

▼镂空墙面后的休息室,The lounge behind the hollow wall © Sergey Melnikov


The interior is full of tactile and textured materials – concrete, plywood, combed plaster, as well as cinder blocks, presented in the form of partitions. In addition, there are accent colors in the interior, for example, red acts as a connecting thread between the two floors of the office, and is also the color of the company’s identity.

▼红色楼梯,staircase in red © Sergey Melnikov

▼卫生间,restroom © Sergey Melnikov

▼公司logo与标识,Company logo and vi © Sergey Melnikov

▼材料细部,details of the material © Sergey Melnikov

▼首层平面图,1st floor plan © Line Design Studio

▼二、三层平面图,2nd and 3rd floor plan © Line Design Studio

Project Name: Office AV
Office Name: Line Design Studio
Office Website: http://linedesignstudio.ru/
Social Media Accounts: https://www.instagram.com/linedesign_studio/
Contact email: linedesignstudio@mail.ru
Firm Location: Kaliningrad, Russian Federation
Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 380 m2
Project location: Kaliningrad, Russian Federation
Lead Architects: Sasha Moloko
Lead Architects e-mail: moloko249@gmail.com
Photo Credits: Sergey Melnikov
Photographer’s Website: https://www.sergeymelnikoff.com/
Photographer’s e-mail: info@sergeymelnikoff.com

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