Ocean Center by CAZA

To anticipate massive change by modulating natural systems in a measured and calculated way

Project Specs

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Coastal Architecture in the age of climate change has become an increasingly precarious proposition. The Ocean Center project is designed to anticipate massive change: both ground and structure modulate natural systems enabling them to flow through in a measured and calculated way. The effect is that these natural forces activate architectural space at varying material intensities replacing the usual modernist paradigm of autonomous occupation with a feedback model relating human activity to environmental conditions.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view

▼功能区域分布示意,parallel orthography


Markets, local shops, an oceanographic museum, apartments, a convention center and playfields are held together as disparate parts with multiple orientations that create the feeling of being within a micro-village with no outside but instead with a profusion of fractional insides that connect us to other places extending the loop of nature’s deep connectivity.

▼公共集市,public market

▼拱廊购物街,shopping arcade

▼漂浮公寓,floating apartments

▼会议中心,convention center

▼场地分析图,site analysis

▼设计概念草图,concept sketch


▼环境策略示意,environmental strategy


▼形态几何示意,form and geometry



▼会议中心,convention center


▼实体模型研究,physical model studies

LOCATION: Baler, Philippines
STATUS: Design Development Phase
PROJECT TEAM: Carlos Arnaiz, Jun Deng, Alden Ching, Patricia Tan, Sehyun Lee

More:CAZA,更多关于他们:CAZA on gooood

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