Nowhere Bar and Restaurant by Stu/D/O

Stairs create a multi-level space

Project Specs


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“即在此处”是业主所希望表达的整体经营理念,设计师以此作为这个位于Ekkamai路上的屋顶餐厅酒吧的名称和设计概念。Stu / D / O通过现实与超现实主义并置的方式将“无处”这一理念重新诠释,并利用楼梯这一最基本的建筑元素来体现。

▼楼梯元素运用在整个空间中,stair elements are used throughout the space

“NO / WHERE but NOW / HERE” is the expression given by the owners as the name and concept for this rooftop bar and restaurant on Ekkamai road. Inspired by this phrase, Stu/D/O reinterprets the idea of “nowhere” into the concept of the juxtaposition between reality and surrealism, which is represented through one of the most fundamental architectural element: stairs.

▼室内一览,internal view

传统意义上,楼梯通常被用来连接空间,并引导人们到达不同的楼层。然而,在这个项目中,楼梯被赋予了新的意义,而不仅仅是引导的作用,设计师利用它来实现 “NOWHERE”这一概念,这和埃舍尔( MC Escher)的作品《相对论》如出一辙。在“无处”中,楼梯是连接不同功能和空间的主要媒介。楼梯既是作为室内的两个连续的通道,又通过改变高度为餐厅创造新的功能,例如作为公共区域的座椅、桌子、吧台。

▼埃舍尔( MC Escher)的作品《相对论》,MC. Escher’s artwork, “Relativity”

Traditionally, the stairs have been used to connect different spaces and lead people to different levels. However, in this project, the stairs were given a new interpretation, instead of leading somewhere, it leads to ‘NOWHERE’, like the idea by MC. Escher’s artwork, “Relativity.” At “Nowhere”, the stair is the main feature in connecting the functions and spaces altogether. In two continuous loops, the stairs provide new possibilities of functions within the restaurant by varying the height of the platform, creating different functions such as seats, tables, bar, and communal area.

▼空间轴测图,the space axon


▼室内设计将天空的变化来引入内部,作为展示昼夜的对比,the interior design introduces the changes of the sky into the interior as a contrast to show the day and night

▼夜幕引入室内空间,night introduction into indoor space

▼夜晚内部空间,the interior at night

▼楼梯展现了“无处可去”这一设计概念,the staircase shows the design concept of “nowhere to go”

▼楼梯细节,thedetail of the stair

The restaurant plans to serve both in the daytime as a breakfast venue for the hotel guests and in the nighttime as the bar and restaurant. To show the contrast of day and night through the changing of sky, loops of stair are designed to link the entire space from the first step to the last and vanishes into the sky, accenting the concept of ‘Going Nowhere’.

▼大型展示成列柜,large display cabinet

▼舒适的餐厅一角,comfortable restaurant corner

▼桌椅细节,the detail of the chair

▼玻璃标牌细节,the detail of the glass logo

▼室外用餐区,outdoor dining area

▼平面图,the plan


Location:Bangkok, Thailand
Type:Interior Design
Program:Bar and Restaurant
Site Area:250 sqm.
Built Area:250 sqm.
Design: 2015-6
Construction Cost:8M Baht

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