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Things dissolve into the homogeneous light.

Project Specs


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The project redefines and adapt a two floor apartment into a notary’s office, merging the rigors of an office with the abstractness of the “white cube . Guests are welcome in a bright and shadow-free ambient, alienated from the context in which the office is located: a small village in Varese suburbs, close to Swiss border. White walls are lighten up by thin fluorescent tubes which neutralize external contaminations by transforming the space into a limbo between a Museum, an Office and a House. This indeterminacy provokes the “right” discomfort feeling, typical of life’s crucial situations: buying a home, starting a new business, writing your own testament.

▼素白的空间,the white space


Today, comfort and domesticity are a kind of obsession for Western cultures, fact that is leading to a drastic reduction of discomfort among individuals, reflecting it also in design. Objects are manageable, smooth, curvy, interfaces and displays are more user friendly, conversations between people are informal, working spaces tend to resemble more and more to quirky lounges. Domesticity is permeating everything, dissolving hierarchies and conventions, subverting the social impositions sedimented over centuries of bourgeois upbringing. However, the notarial tradition remains responsible for guaranteeing validity of contracts between individuals. It is a profession that still needs the proper context in order to maintain the dignity and authority asked.

▼严谨的空间布局,the rigorous layout of the space

▼混凝土柱子是空间里唯一粗糙的部分,the concrete pillars are the only raw-materials in the space


Therefore the intervention focuses mainly on the layout, consisting of a sequence of specialized rooms such as waiting room, the administrative office and the stanza stipula, the core of the office, where the notary works essentially. Doors, thresholds, walls and corridors are used in order to create a floorplan that work as a “choreography” to be followed by employees, guests and the notary himself. Visitors walk along the corridor while approaching the reception, wondering about the unusual volume of the stair that characterizes the waiting room. The Notary can listen to conversations between secretary and clients unnoticed, through a hidden door placed in the reception back office, pondering whether it’s worthwhile to manifest himself or continuing sitting at his desk. Except for the two pillars, brought back to the rough-material, things dissolve into the homogeneous light.

▼空间元素在实现自身功能的同时还具有空间导向性,doors, thresholds, walls and corridors are used in order to create a floorplan that work as a “choreography” to be followed by employees, guests and the notary himself

▼管状照明让空间消隐,things dissolve into the homogeneous light


Date: Dicember 2017 / January 2018
Location: Via Cavallotti 18, Vergiate (VA).
Size: 55 sqm
Contract value: 25.000 €
Program: office refurbishment
Client: Notary Federico Luigi Carelli
Architects: casatibuonsante architects, Raumplan
Contractor: Antonio Geom. Aloisi
Carpentry: –
Photography: Louis De Belle

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