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Not Just A Shop的两位创始人在深圳诚品生活百货打造了他们最新的零售店铺。他们深知只有在店铺视觉上做一些独特且非常规的设计才能更好地吸引顾客的注意,于是便邀请Yatofu Creative为店铺打造了一种既能反映品牌愿景又能呈现艺术视角的室内装饰。

▼店铺外观,exterior view

When the well-travelled and design-conscious duo behind Not Just A Shop – a lifestyle brand focusing on global design products – chose the newly built Eslite Spectrum department store in Shenzhen as the home for their next retail location, they knew that in order for their shop to stand out they would need to take a unique and unconventional approach in their vision. In the hopes of creating something authentic to their brand, Yatofu Creative was hired to design an interior that reflected both the client’s brand visions, as well as their own artistic perspective.

▼充满艺术感与雕塑感的店铺内部空间,the shop interior space full of artistic and sculptural sense


To challenge the density of department store environments, Yatofu Creatives explored various ways of contrasting their concept with neighboring retailers while still retaining a sense of coherency within the greater context. Their resulting solution looked to juxtapose their concept with the polished and under-finished interior of conventional department stores.

▼空间内饰有一种粗糙的质感,the interior of the space has a rough texture

▼店内陈列的极具雕塑感的家具,sculptural furniture is displayed in the store

▼空间在邻近零售商店区分开来的同时,又保持与大环境的一致性,the space is differentiated from the adjacent retail stores while remaining consistent with the larger context

“由于百货商店的特殊性质,商铺的组织通常具有很强的逻辑性,而这往往导致一种十分冰冷和严肃的氛围。我们希望通过更具艺术性和雕塑感的方式来唤起更多的情绪和记忆,从而打破这种人工的完美感。”Yatofu Creatives的团队人员说道。

“Due to their nature, department stores are usually organized with a strong sense of logic, which can often become very cold and clinical. We wanted to disrupt this sense of artificial perfection by evoking emotions and memories through an artistic and sculptural approach.”

▼中性泥土色调的运用强调了这些柜体的粗糙质感,neutral clay tonal emphasized these cabinet

▼墙面上有一些可开合的敞口,there are some openings on the wall

Yatofu Creatives在划分整个商铺空间时,参考了具有永恒感的建筑和抽象的雕塑形式。本土设计师Jini Chu的研究项目曾讨论了临时性混凝土底座和隔墙的必要性及美感。受此启发, Not Just A Shop店铺内的每一个展示装置都在彰显出强烈的设计感、艺术感和比例感的同时又兼顾了功能性。

Yatofu Creatives took to their metaphorical chisel to carve into the volume of the space, referencing monumental architecture and abstract sculptural forms. They were also inspired by a local designer’s (Jini Chu, 楚吉妮) research project on makeshift concrete bases and barriers, and the beauty of their necessity. In manifestation, each display fixture is uniquely designed with artistic sensibilities and a strong sense of proportion, while still upholding functional considerations.

▼混凝土底座和隔墙细部,details of the concrete base and barriers



To further their vision, the bold sculptural forms were covered with a rock-like stucco texture which evokes the surfaces that are more commonly found on exterior applications. A palette of neutral earth tones were chosen to accent the rough organic qualities of these forms. “We wanted to address the physical feel of the space. Too often is the physicality aspect overlooked in retail design, and tactility is often the most direct way of creating emotional connections and experiences.” –Yatofu Creatives.

▼店内所陈列的每一件家具都极具艺术感,every piece of furniture displayed in the store is very artistic

▼家具细部,details of the furniture

▼店内家具列表,furniture list

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing


Project size:64 sq.m.
Completion date:2018
Building levels:1
Photography:Sheen Tao

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