Non-existent Existence by Jinya Zhao

Explore the subtle relationships and tensions between colour, form and structure

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赵瑾雅在中国出生和长大,在中国美术学院(2013-17)攻读学士学位时发现了对玻璃的热情。 2017年,她开始在英国皇家艺术学院攻读硕士学位,并于2019年毕业。她认为玻璃是探索环境,情感和个人经历主题的理想媒介。瑾雅的作品涵盖雕塑,装置和设计。在她目前的系列中,她创造了两组新作品,使用不同的玻璃和金属,以探索颜色,形式和结构之间的微妙关系和张力。

Born and raised in China, Jinya Zhao discovered a passion for glass whilst studying for a BA at the China Academy of Art (2013-17). In 2017 she began her MA studies at the Royal College of Art. She sees glass as an ideal medium to explore the themes of environment, emotions and personal experiences. Jinya’s work spans sculpture, installation and design. In her current collection she has created two bodies of new work, using different glass qualities and metals in order to explore the subtle relationships and tensions between colour, form and structure.

▼Non-existent Existence系列,Non-existent Existence series


Her intention is to playfully explore how glass can affect the viewers perception of reality and to engender emotional responses. For this collection she uses opaque and transparent layered blown glass to deliberately obscure the interior of the specific enigmatic forms. Additionally, Jinya combines sharp angled metal in combination with soft curved glass to create a heightened sense of material balance. This creates a paradoxical interpretation of what is interior or exterior. To this end Jinya aims to evoke the ‘non-existent existence’.

▼Sublime系列,Sublime series

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