NOBLE House by APOLLO Architects & Associates

Urban house with resort-like atmosphere

Project Specs


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Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, this multigenerational home rebuild project was designed around a large garden. The verdant garden defines the property, which is surrounded by tall, board-formed concrete walls to ensure security and privacy. Two large pine trees already growing on the site anchor the landscape design, which features diverse species intentionally scattered throughout the space. Adjacent to the garden, a large gate and door made of wooden louvers leads to a long, broad approach where the focal point is an old olive tree opposite the front door.

▼项目外观,external view of the project ©Masao Nishikawa

▼室外停车场,outdoor car parking ©Masao Nishikawa

▼入口对面的橄榄树,olive tree opposite the front door ©Masao Nishikawa

▼花园,保留基地上的两颗松树,garden remaining the two pine trees on the site ©Masao Nishikawa


The first floor is devoted mainly to living space for the client’s mother, offering excellent views from the living room and bedroom of the changing seasons in the garden. There is also a small home office next to the built-in garage that gives the client a chance to admire their car collection as they work.

▼入口空间,entrance space ©Masao Nishikawa

▼母亲的起居空间,可以欣赏室外美景,living space for the owner’s mother with excellent view to the outside ©Masao Nishikawa

▼和室,tatami room ©Masao Nishikawa

▼可以看到内嵌车库的工作室,studio with view to the built-in garage ©Masao Nishikawa


On the second floor, where the younger generation lives, a balcony overlooks the garden while an interior terrace with a large skylight brings abundant natural light and breezes into the home, providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor living. A small courtyard on the north side faces onto the bedroom, bathroom, and stairs, filling these spaces with soft, diffuse light.

▼二层生活空间,living space on the second floor ©Masao Nishikawa

▼露台,感受户外生活,terrace providing opportunities for outdoor life ©Masao Nishikawa

▼楼梯间,staircase ©Masao Nishikawa


In the era of COVID19, travel restrictions have meant that everyone is spending more time at home. With its verdant, resort-like atmosphere, this design responds to the resulting demand for urban homes that offer a respite from the monotony of everyday life.

▼夜景,night view ©Masao Nishikawa

▼平面图,plans ©APOLLO Architects & Associates

▼立面图,elevations ©APOLLO Architects & Associates

▼剖面图,sections ©APOLLO Architects & Associates

Location: Kanto Area
Date of Completion: December 2020
Principal Use: Two-family house
Structure: Wooden Structure
Site Area: 421.00 m2
Total Floor Area: 319.94 m2 (165.19 m2/1F, 154.7 m2/2F)
Design Period: June 2017 – July 2019
Construction Period: July 2019 – December 2020
Structural Engineer: Masaki Structure
Lighting design: Sirius Lighting Office
Project video:

Architecture: Satoshi Kurosaki / APOLLO Architects & Associates
Photography: Masao Nishikawa

Exterior Finish: Cedar Wood Workform Exposed Concrete, Elastic Lysine Spray
Floor: Tile, Walnut Flooring
Wall: Cedar Wood Workform Exposed Concrete, Acrylic Emulsion Paint
Ceiling: Lauan Plywood (OSCL), Oregon Pine (Xyladecor), Red Cedar, Acrylic Emulsion Paint

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