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Audacious, mirroring, dreamlike

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大胆、镜像、梦幻:位于米兰Corso Monforte大街20号的Living Divani展廊经过陈设改造,呈现出永恒的魅力和想象力,以新的活力和规划开启崭新的一年。

Audacious, mirroring, dreamlike: Living Divani Gallery in Corso Monforte 20 in Milan changes its layout staging an installation with a sidereal charm and suggestive force, to start the year shining with new energy and projecting towards the future.

▼临街立面,street facade © Francesco Caredda

展廊于去年九月开幕,是展示Living Divani家具品牌多样风格的梦幻平台。Living Divani是米兰家具的代表品牌,来自安扎诺德尔帕尔科,展廊内置人闪亮且反光的几何元素,创造出梦幻般的景象,使其与周围的建筑融为一体。Piero Lissoni自1989年以来担任Living Divani的艺术总监和设计师,而后再次与品牌签约完成了新系列的设计,它们时而迷人,时而纯粹又不拘一格,体现了严谨的完美、空间的和谐以及品牌的低调奢华。展廊展出的经典产品覆盖了银色的表面,体现出品牌对定义新休闲形式的不懈追求,提倡并激发新的生活方式。

Inaugurated last September and conceived as a theatrical stage to show the many facets of the Living Divani style, the new Milanese outpost of the upholstery brand from Anzano del Parco, is transformed into a surreal landscape inhabited by highly shiny and reflective geometric shapes, which create aesthetic uniformity with the surrounding architecture. Signed once again by Piero Lissoni, Living Divani’s Art Director and designer since 1989, the new setting – at times glamorous, at times pure and eclectic – embodies the rigorous perfection, the harmony of the spaces and the understated luxury of the brand, while presenting a silvery fabric for the covering of some Company’s iconic products as an emblem of its constant research to define new forms of relaxation, suggest new ways of living and inspire new lifestyles.

▼橱窗中的Extrasoft系列 © Francesco Caredda
Extrasoft displayed in the window

▼橱窗中的Confident系列 © Francesco Caredda
Confident displayed in the window

▼橱窗中的Ile Club系列 © Francesco Caredda
Ile Club displayed in the window

在Corso Monforte大街的橱窗中,主角是大型Extrasoft家具系列,它诞生于2008年,进一步发展了Extra Wall系列,旨在设计出更可靠的产品,以柔软的新概念代替原来的硬朗概念,更加适合于居住空间。Extrasoft是一组多功能组合沙发,由温馨舒适的座椅组成,它们根据不同的定制要求相互组合。该系列简单且极具颠覆性,经过拆解和重组不断地适应新空间,在过去几年里应用在世界各地最美的房屋中,征服了国际大众。其金属质感的表面体现出Living Divani对具有不同空间和材料的新领域的探索。

On the windows of Corso Monforte protagonist is a large Extrasoft composition, born in 2008 as a softer evolution of Extra Wall with the aim of designing a more reassuring product, replacing an idea of rigor with a new concept of softness more suitable for residential spaces: a modular sofa with astonishing versatility, made up of welcoming and cozy seats that are combined with each other according to always different and customized compositions. A simple and disruptive idea; a model deconstructed and reconstructed in a game of continuous adaptation, which over the years has been able to conquer the international public by furnishing the most beautiful houses around the world, always ready to conquer “new territories” with various spatial and material declinations, as the singular metallic covering alludes.

▼1号展厅,gallery 1 © Francesco Caredda

▼Extrasoft系列是多功能组合沙发 © Francesco Caredda
Extrasoft is a modular sofa with astonishing versatility

▼金属质感的表面,metal covering © Francesco Caredda

▼细部,details © Francesco Caredda

在Visconti di Modrone大街一侧,玻璃钢板覆盖墙面,中间置入霓虹灯,地面采用光亮的钢板,构成了第二个陈列厅,用于展示同样出自Piero Lissoni之手的Ile Club家具系列,金属质感的薄边支撑起饱满且柔软的外形。该空间同时展示了银色饰面和烟灰色皮革表面的沙发躺椅,它们具有和Confident扶椅相同的表面以及与Extrasoft系列相衬的圆滑轮廓,从而创造出预期的超现实场景。

On the Visconti di Modrone side, on the other hand, between the corrugated steel sheet that covers the walls with inserted neon lights, and the floor in glossy steel sheet, a second setting shows the Ile Club upholstery, also signed by Piero Lissoni, characterized by full and soft shapes supported by a thin metal perimeter. Presented in the sofa and dormeuse variants, it is displayed in both silvery fabric and anthracite-colored leather, the same covering used for the Confident armchairs with rounded silhouette combined with Extrasoft, thanks to which the setting acquires a progressive realism alluding to possible contract scenarios.

▼2号展厅,gallery 2 © Francesco Caredda

▼Ile Club家具系列,Ile Club upholstery © Francesco Caredda

▼银色表面和烟灰色皮革 © Francesco Caredda
silvery fabric and anthracite-colored leather

该项目是诗意且梦幻的场景设计,巨型的橱窗位于城市中最繁忙的十字路口之一,它引起米兰市民的思考,再次确定了品牌以无声的优雅为特点的固有影响力。Living Divani展廊经过重新设计,为顾客创造了独特的个人体验,同时不放弃对精致、细节和个性化的追求,使Living Divani成为国际设计界的风向标。

A poetic and theatrical scenic design, able to captivate the Milanese public with its reflections thanks to the majestic windows overlooking on one of the busiest intersections in the city as well as to reaffirm the intrinsic communicative power of the brand characterized by silent elegance. With this restyling, Living Divani Gallery gives visitors the opportunity to live in a unique and personal way the experience of Living Divani style, never taken for granted and which, at the same time, does not renounce to refinement, attention to details and personalization, values that have made it a point of reference in the international design panorama.

▼位于十字路口的Living Divani展廊 © Francesco Caredda
Living Divani Gallery at the intersection

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