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Cracked World of Ruins

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“Fictional archaeology,
Project what we see now into the future,
Imagine an archaeological site a thousand years later,
Think about the past, the present and the future.”
—— Daniel Arsham

▼项目视频,Video of The Project ©覃昭量、龚妙君


People sometimes feel helpless because of the passage of time. When they do things , they feel helpless because of the lack of strength or conditions. Every minute of it flows away silently and can’t be captured and controlled. Therefore , people are always keen to express their special complex about the continuous passage of time for various forms . This project was located in Works Stadium , Chaoyang District, Beijing . The owners are two Japanese fashion designers studying abroad. They have lived in Japan for a long time. So they are influenced by the local culture, they are back to China and start to develop their industry and found DPD. They hope to be a unique buyer’s shop and interpret it in the space with their own design beliefs.

▼场地位置,location ©DPD

美国当代艺术家Daniel Arsham善于重现过去、现在、未来的永恒时刻,让坚固、稳定的建筑体用时间诠释着时间所塑造的世界。寻求一个存在于现实中的时间点——一个大家既能接受的,但又存在一定异常的废墟世界。

An American artist of Daniel Arsham, his good at reproducing the eternal moments of the past, the present and the future, so that solid and stable buildings can interpret the world shaped by time. Looking for a time point existing in reality — A world of ruins that is acceptable to all, but with some abnormality.

▼Daniel Arsham作品
roject By Daniel Arsham via Daniel Arsham’s Instagram

▼时间所塑造的世界,the world shaped by time ©DPD

设计师对空间的灵感来源是受到美国当代艺术家Daniel Arsham的未来考古风影响,在设计上保留原建筑效果,打造出开裂的墙壁,它在空间中表达出考古空间的同时,将一道道墙壁视作为阻挡,斑驳的墙体被一种牵引力肆意地撕扯,当连接着天花板和地板之间的墙壁裂开,泥石崩塌,另一个不同世界将慢慢呈现出来,仿佛这是一个开裂的废墟世界,也是空间与空间之间的交接间点。

The designer’s inspiration is coming from an American artist of Daniel Arsham,also they are influenced by Arsham’s ancient style. They are keeping original architectural effect on the design, they also create a cracked wall, While expressing the archaeological space in the space, it regards one wall as a barrier, and the mottled wall is torn by a kind of traction force. When the wall connecting the ceiling and the floor cracks, the debris collapses, another different world will display in slowly in orderly, as like this is a cracked world of ruins, it also the intersection point between space to space.

▼项目概览,preview ©覃昭量、龚妙君


▼设计分析图,Analysis Chart ©DPD

The whole space is torn apart by an invisible traction force. When the walls are torn up and down, a dimensional space is formed in the middle, which is a special multi-dimensional space. Designers hope that this space is full of a sense of power. It is because of the existence of power that the dimension can be formed and the concept of dimension can be permeated through the space.

▼慢慢走近,人们从被撕扯开的墙缝中窥探出一个新的废墟世界 ©覃昭量、龚妙君
Slowly approaching, people peep out a new world of ruins through the torn cracks in the wall

Use a variety of simple lines to connect all things in space ©覃昭量、龚妙君


The design of the whole space is based on a variety of on-the-spot investigations and analysis, and finally combined with the creative ideas. Designers extract to design inspiration to commodities and use deconstruction in different areas of space. The design tonality of the space is around dark, trendy, cool, texture and pure, and also combination of black, gray, white and wood are applied to the space.

In order to achieve the ideal effect, the wall designed and produced specially invited the
outstanding sculpture team of Central Academy of Fine Arts to produce ©覃昭量、龚妙君

The combination of the mirror and the broken wall is like a split
space-time tunnel and the connection between space to space ©覃昭量、龚妙君

The spacious floor glass well introduces the outdoor beauty of the interior, making the
internal and external space, fully blend, making each window look like a unique art scene ©覃昭量、龚妙君


Explore The Future In Space-Time



Walls to walls present different effects on different angles,
which are symmetrical and interlaced with each other ©覃昭量、龚妙君

Archaeology has always been a kind of deterministic science, through which we can determine which event happened at which time point. In this way, the story of the future is shaped, that is to say, the objects we have now may also become a kind of fictional archaeological facts in the future. By doing so, we not only blur our understanding of the time when objects are created, but also blur the time we are in as viewers. Have we moved forward into the future?

The whole space is ” Out of Place ” with the surrounding environment. They are like ruins, but they are so different. It is spiritually independent, firm and silent. The walls of mottled texture split symmetrically from top to bottom. Although they are separated, they form a corresponding relationship. People can peep at everything in the cracks, as if they can see the future world from the cracks . At the same time, it is also in response to the design to show the owners and corresponding consumer groups, they all have a unique aesthetic, unique vision, and a different point of view of the world.

▼在裂开的时空中,人们展开了考古探索和挖掘 ©覃昭量、龚妙君
In the split space-time people have carried out archaeological exploration and excavation

▼时空中虚实结合,混沌而有序 ©覃昭量、龚妙君
Deficiency and excess combine together in the space-time, chaos, but in orderly


The designer carries out in-depth research on the brand and consumer groups of the project , and has a special idea of arranging the flow of people . The first floor mainly displays famous fashion brands such as YAMAMOTO . The method of the circular design is adopted to form the effect of the small meeting living room , the fashion display area as a mainly area all around the room , and also we can see the fitting area is in the middle , therefore , the consumers can make a conversation with each other to exchange some experience of fashion , at the same time here also is a selfie area etc . Thus , the space to forming a scene of high fashion selected section.

▼环形设计手法形成小会客厅效果 ©覃昭量、龚妙君
The circular design is adopted to form the effect of the small meeting living room


The second floor is set at the brand studio of two owners. As a space for experimental clothing research and creation, they can make full use of their creation here, and pieces of fashion like art will be born here.

The whole space on the second floor also echoes the circular pattern of the first floor,
which not only provides creative space, but also promotes the sales of its own brand ©覃昭量、龚妙君

▼服装设计师可以在灵感创作区尽情发挥灵感创意 ©覃昭量、龚妙君
Fashion designer can give full play to their inspiration and creativity in this creation area


Run Into Now And The Past


Designers are very caring about the relationship and dialogue between time and space , in the space we can see many different technique of the material and skill of the design , they are not only expressing the exploration of space , more looks like we are forward to the unknown future we guess for it , and also imagine the exist substance . The log , cement , metal and cave stone will become the old fashion stuff in the media . They are not only nostalgic , they also wander between the past and the future.

The whole space is unified with mottled texture to art coating into the wall and the  materials of design,
and the ground in order to maintain the original cement texture effect ©覃昭量、龚妙君


More and more contemporary artists and designers begin to like the aesthetics of ruins, which expresses the beauty full of years by means of ruins; even if the appearance is mottled or faded, it cannot be stopped by a kind of shocking beauty.  In the early years, DPD began to study the aesthetics of ruins and modernism and put them into practice in different fields, also combining with the elements of some artists, using natural and simple materials to create a unique space, let people understand the modern texture and the classical and simplicity of beauty again.

▼废墟美学,The aesthetics of ruins ©谭昭量、龚妙君

▼室内材料细节,interior material details ©覃昭量、龚妙君

▼项目材质图,Material of The Project ©DPD

▼项目平面图,Floor Plan ©DPD

PROJECT NAME | Niche Shop of CEDRUS in Beijing
PROJECT CATEGORY | Space Design, Decoration Design, Lighting Design
项目地址 | 中国 · 北京工体
PROJECT LOCATED | Works Stadium, Beijing, China
DESIGN TIME | November 2019
MAIN MATERIAL | Micro Cement, Acrylic, Frosted Metal, Black Hole Stone
软装品牌 | CC-Tapis、Arper、9Viia、Flos灯具、Daniel Arsham艺术家产品
DECORATION’S BRAND | CC-Tapis, Arper, 9Viia, Flos Lighting Tool, Art Works of Daniel Arsham
文章撰写 | 龚妙君
PHOTOGRAPHIC & VIDEO | Zhaoliang Qin, Miu Gong
特别鸣谢 | CEDRUS创始人团队坤哥、YUKI
SPECIAL THANKS | CEDRUS Founder Team Kun, Yuki
文稿翻译 | 刘嘉欣

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