NewCastle By Assemble Studio

Transforming the stage from something to look at, into something to be part of

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本届Horst Arts & Music艺术节由伦敦设计师事务所Assemble为大家亲力打造。该艺术节圣殿基于现有场地规模,借用庭院形式,围合成封闭的适合展演戏剧的舞台空间。

One of the two stages of this year’s edition of Horst Arts & Music was designed by the London based collective Assemble. This year access to Horst castle is restricted 
and in response Assemble have built a NewCastle. Of equivalent mass to the existing and borrowing the courtyard form, the NewCastle creates an enclosed and theatrical space.

▼四面围合的舞台形式,the enclosed stage

▼蓝色网布围合处“施工中”的氛围,wrapped in blue netting, the castle appears under construction


Wrapped in blue netting, the castle appears under construction, it’s form abstracted and facade hidden; it’s appearance changing from day to night. Located in a clearing in the woods, on the edge of the lake, the three tier structure presents the spectators with a new festival experience.

▼与湖边景色相映成趣,the stage plays with the surroundings

▼随着场内环境灯光的变化,舞台外观也展现出变化的外貌,it’s appearance changing from day to night


Continuous balconies on two levels and a central pit dance floor set the stage like a shakespearian drama, where both actors and audience are part of the performance. Like the English Elizabethan Theatre, the NewCastle transforms the stage from something to look at, into something to be part of, creating a more pronounced interaction between artist and performer. After the festival, a fragment of the stage remains as a part of the exhibition.

▼两层连续的露台和中央深井舞台,continuous balconies on two levels enclose a stage in the center

▼火热的音乐节舞台氛围,into the show



Pictures by Jeroen Verrecht

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