New Urban Lifestyle – Hefei Wantou & Vanke Paradise Art Wonderland Phase1 by ASPECT Studios

Pomegranate Inspired Community Social Plaza.

Project Specs


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澳派景观设计上海工作室Stephen Buckle贝龙及其团队为合肥人民展示了一种全新的以社交为主的社区设计。皖投万科天下艺境位于合肥新站区西南组团的核心区域,临近少荃湖和绿化带。在这新兴发展的区域内,主要以年轻人为主,他们对设计、居住环境有着更高的要求、更独特的追求。

A new style of socially orientated community design brings an open plaza to the people of Hefei by Stephen Buckle and the team at ASPECT Studios Shanghai. Wantou & Vanke Paradise Art Wonderland is located in the core area of the Xin Zhan District’s southwestern zone, with Shao Quan Lake and the civic green belt nearby. The vibrant and developing district is popular with millennials that have an appreciation for design and a unique pursuit for a high end modern living environment.

▼景观一览,the landscape design


The landscape design vision was forged on the principle of providing residents with the diverse and dynamic experience of modern urban living within a singular location, offering a reflection of different urban environments such as urban plazas and civic parks, pocket parks, play and sports recreation all spaces are programmed to provide a range of experiences and offer a diverse range of facilities and activities for all ages, all structured to encourage social and community connectivity, as places to come together.

▼设计过程,design process


The overarching design reflects elements of the local community and culture, with the flower of the city – the Pomegranate – providing a strong source of inspiration to the design of the community social space, guiding the form, color and composition to create an energetic colorful, and bold experience. Combined with a dynamic socially orientated landscape program to meet the needs of the community and its people while encouraging interaction, connection and communication.

▼设计元素,design element


The initial phase consists of three main programmatic zones, urban pocket park, children’s play and community park, within each area creating different experiences as places where children, adults and the elderly can come together to enjoy the fun of play, the diversity of lifestyle, and the vibrancy and energy of the urban environment.

▼总平面图,master plan


Standing as the centerpiece of the urban pocket park is the Pomegranate Flower, a light sculpture inspired by the stamens of the pomegranate flower, reaching high to create both a landmark and identity within the surrounding urban context. On the surface, rhythmic paving represents the wind and the shape of bespoke planters represent the petals blowing in the breeze with the active seating edges providing calm and comfortable clusters for people to rest, stay and connect. The compacted and layered arrangement of the pomegranate fruits provide reference for the shade shelters, creating an interesting shadow play on the ground whilst providing a backdrop to the entire space; allowing visitors and residents to rest in comfort during the hot summer months.

▼石榴花作为灵感起源,with the Pomegranate the designer provides a strong source of inspiration to the design of the community social space



The children’s play space offers a diverse play and learning experience. Mountain-shaped play mounds with layered tonal change imitate the gradual changes and layers of the rock strata, while raising from a blue and green carpet represents the river and forest. Integrated within the spaces are the opportunities for children to come together and build essential social and physical skills: areas of free play and fixed play are all designed to encourage social interaction, sports, activity, challenges and development.

▼象征着河流和森林的蓝绿相间的地铺上,a blue and green carpet represents the river and forest

▼渐变色调模仿石层变化的地形山丘,mountain-shaped play mounds with layered tonal change imitate the gradual changes and layers of the rock strata



Community gatherings and public events all take place in the grand community park. The open public park is complimented by a collection of spaces for people to come together in smaller social groups. Within the spatial compositions there are large open multi-functional lawn, pergolas and feature seating to create a semi-enclosed space while small plazas, with tree clusters, form a multi-functional shaded space for group gathering.

▼开放宽阔的公共空间,the open public park

▼“石榴籽”坐凳和特色坐阶围合趣味空间,feature seatings creates a semi-enclosed space

“在这个项目上,我们希望能创造一处以以人为本的社交空间,大胆且具有启发性,细节体验丰富,让人们能体验到全新城市生活的多样性和可能性。在项目设计的过程中,我和我的团队非常享受调查、研究和创造各种体验、每个空间和细节。我们相信当你走在场地中,也会感受到这个项目的乐趣、活力和热情。” – 澳派景观设计工作室总监Stephen Buckle贝龙

‘With this project we looked to develop a socially focused people-oriented environment that is bold and inspiring, full of detailed experience and opportunities for the diversity of new urban life to play out on. The team and I had immense fun and enjoyment in developing, studying and creating each experience, space and detail. You can certainly feel this fun and passionate energy transfer to each space within the project as you walk around and enjoy.’

▼景观与夜色,landscape within nights

景观设计:澳派景观设计工作室ASPECT Studios

Name: Hefei Wantou & Vanke Paradise Art Wonderland Phase1
Location: Hefei, China
Client: An Hui Wangan Property/Hefei Vanke Property
Client Team: Ren Pengfei, Wang Dongfang, Jiang Haitang, Tan Xiang
Landscape Architect: ASPECT Studios
Landscape Design Team: Sissy Chen, Kun Wei, KK Wang, Sean Xiao, Wallace Wang, Emily Zhang
Architect: Shanghai TianHau Architecture Design
Interior Designer: Kyle Chan & Associates Design
Landscape Construction: Shenzhen Pudao Landscape
Photography: Arch-exist
Size: 15,100 Sqm
Completion: 2017

Chinese & English text: ASPECT Studios

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