New spire for Notre-Dame by Miysis

Recover her original beauty and continue her journey through time

Project Specs


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Miysis wants to pay tribute to Notre Dame de Paris with a series of images showing a personal version of what we believe could be a respectful reconstruction of an edifice that has endured for generations. We would want our proposition to evoke both its traditional structure whilst also taking on the ambitious challenge of developing a new vision that is more deeply rooted in our present. So that Notre Dame may not only recover her original beauty and continue her journey through time but also remain a striking and powerful symbol for all future generations to come. This is our vision for the future of Notre Dame, knowing that not a single proposition will be met with unanimous approval and that only simplicity and restraint are appropriate for this building that is above all a religious, historic and cultural space. We have no intention of submitting or even promoting this project. We only wanted to share our vision with you.

▼概念方案概览,overview of the concept design  ©Miysis

▼简单、克制的设计策略,simplicity and restraint are appropriate for this building  ©Miysis

▼玻璃与金属构造外廊,gallery in glass and metal  ©Miysis

▼新与旧的关系,the relationship between old and new  ©Miysis

▼新建部分夜景,night scene of the new gallery ©Miysis

▼城市及建筑夜景,aerial view of the city and building at night design  ©Miysis

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